Thursday, 2 January 2014

Is That The Sun?

Hi Ho Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Old Two Legs was up early, waking up the ferrets with his rowing machine and after saying 'Good Morning' they went back to bed.

So that left us to enjoy a morning walk along the Sea Wall. The sun was above the horizon and it was only OTL playing with the camera controls that makes it look an hour or two earlier!

 One of the good things is that we could have a good run around on the beach without worrying about loosing a ferret or two!

Holly and I dug some holes and chased each other around OTL who was trying to take some 'Action' pictures!

OK, Can we run now?
 Silly OTL tried to get us to run together and then run to him or run away, none of which we took any notice of and did our 'Own Thing' and had a super time!

Catch Ya!
 OTL gave up in the end and went off looking for something to photograph that didn't move!

First of all was Mr Corvid who was watching us having a run along the beach!

Mornin' Girls!
Then he found the ideal subject, a solid, non moving, colourful subject with an interesting pattern!

 We had a good laugh about that, poor old OTL, reduced to taking pictures of rocks and pebbles!

Next we suggested he try photographing sand or better still, 


Patterns in the Mud!
We headed back to the car and Holly mentioned that she thought it was taking too long for the elastic to stretch on our new coats, maybe we should get them washed a bit more often 'cos The Missus has a knack of stretching or shrinking OTL's clothes, so we have a fifty percent chance of having the elastic go in the right direction!

Still tight!
In the afternoon we had Auntie Zoe and Paul and Finley and Megan and Ethan visit which was great fun except that when they 'Stroked' us, they grabbed our hair which made both Holly and me rather 'Grumbly' so OTL told us to have a snooze on the bed so we wouldn't get stroked!

Sneaky that OTL!

Then OTL had to get the ferrets out so they could be stroked and given some Ferretone, which if your a ferret you don't mind being stroked as long as the Ferretone keeps pouring!

So we had a good time and of course, the sun was shining as well. I'm not  sure what the weather is going to be tomorrow but we hear there are flood and wind warnings!

I think we will stay in bed until Spring arrives!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles