Sunday, 23 September 2012

Two Ticks & OTL's Up in The Air!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

What a day we've had!

First of all, Old Two Legs took Auntie Sheila and The Missus down to the station so they can go to Ally Pally and spend all their money on Glue and Glitter.

I suppose that means Doggy Scoff for the next month or so!

We dropped them off and off we went to The Forest again.

Going there so early means we meet new dogs that we only know by the sniff they leave behind, it's sort of 'Putting a Tail to a Sniff' if you know what I mean!

Hey! These are really Fresh Sniffs!
First we met up with Basil, we had exchanged sniffs but never met before!

Hey Basil, Great to meet you at last!
 Holly had a word with some cyclist who came tearing down the path, it went like this.

Oi! You pair of Numpty's, can't you read the signs, it says 'No Cycling!'

Can't you two read?
 A bit further around the woods we came across Bella. She is not a big 'Sniff Leaver' but it was good to say 'Hello!'

Hello Bella!
When we got home, OTL gave us both a good brush and while he was doing me, he made a discovery, TWO DEAD TICKS!

Now, we are not sure where I got them from or when, I mean, they could have been hanging onto my fur for ages!

After looking at them with his magnifying glass, he decided they were dead and of not danger to us!

So, tomorrow we have decided to get TM to give all our bedding and stuff a good wash. That should boil any left in the bedding and a good shake should get rid of them afterwards!

OTL managed to get the radio mast down, clever old thing, he just about got it into the garden when the rain started and it rained and it poured down!

At lunch time we decided it would be a good idea to have our second walk down on The Sea Wall. Unfortunately, it started to rain again, so, OTL got out our new rain coats!

We got down there and OTL put our coats and opened the car door.

It was horrid!

The rain was pouring down and in no time I was soaking wet through to the skin from my nose to my neck. So was Holly, OTL on the other paw was soaked all down his legs to his boots!

'That's It' said Holly 'I'm not having any more of this!'

Enuff is ENUFF!
 I've just about had enuff of this rain, I mean, it's not even warm like it is in Scotland!

Scotland this Ain't!
With that, she turned right and pulled OTL up the hill to the car park!

The Car's This Way!
 Well, we got a rub down in the car and when we got home we had another rub down, it was good to be in the warm again!

TM got back all loaded up with stamps and glue and peel off's and glitter by the ton, so she will be busy for the next week 'Experimenting'!

Ho Hum, an early night I think and wait until the rain stops so we can dis-assemble the mast and wait until the scrap man calls!

Off for a snooze and see what there is to mug off TM and OTL!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly