Friday, 28 December 2018

Just a Little punch up!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret!

We had a bit of fun this morning, Old Two Legs had almost finished cleaning out the ferret cages. Miss May and Eric had been out charging about and got sleepy so she hid in the innards of the sofa. OTL found her and enjoyed a cuddle with her in his arms while she gently snoozed!

She is getting on a bit now and needs her sleep more than normal, plus it takes a while for her to wake up!

A bit like OTL really, he always takes time waking up!

Eric and May were back in their cage while OTL cleaned Monty and Wendy's cage. Eric, was still wanting to rampage was rattling the cage door. Monty was hunting for nibbles that may have been hidden in and around the office.

Wendy, on the other paw had decided that she wanted a snooze in the box where The Missus keeps her Pinafores she wears when crafting, a super place to snooze, all warm and soft!

So, we have Wendy snoozing in warm place, Monty behind the bottom drawer picking up Ferret Nibbles and Eric rattling the cage door 'cos he's still awake and wants a game!

OTL gets a bit fed up with Eric making such a noise and opens the cage door, picks Eric up and plonks him down on the desk top and squirts some Ferretone into the flip top cap.

Eric licks his lips and dives in for a king size slurp!

OTL goes back to cleaning and goes off to the bathroom to wash out the cleaning cloth.

Eric, finishing the Ferretone decides to go for a wander and soon finds the tube that leads from the desk top all the way to the floor.

Landing on the office floor he was about to head out of the door when he hears a scrabbling sound coming from the bottom drawer.

Mmmm! Must be Nargles or Nifflers stealing our stuff concludes Eric and in a flash he was into the drawer and out the back.

That's when all hell broke loose 'cos in the back of the drawer was Monty, rearranging the nibbles when, from a great height came Eric who hunts Nargles for breakfast and Nifflers for dinner!

There was a great deal of squealing, squeaking and crashing about!

There was Fear Farting and Weeing and biting and clawing!

Oh Gawd! Says OTL as he started to pull the drawers out and stack them on the desk top. After taking the three drawers out he dived into the empty space and grabbed Monty as he was about to sink his teeth into the tail of Eric!

Next Eric got picked up and deposited into Monty's clean cage while OTL marched Monty into the bathroom for a quick wash down to get rid of all the wee that covered him!

To keep him out of trouble he was put into the shower cubical and the door shut while OTL went in search of Eric to treat him to a wash and brush up!

Eric was put back into his cage and Monty was dried again and taken down stairs to have some milk and nibbles while OTL finished tidying up the office and the cleaning stuff!

It's a shame that the two ferrets don't get on together, they would have so much fun chasing around the house but I think it is a 'Territorial Thing'!

Lesson learnt by OTL and Monty has a tale to tell to Wendy!

See you all tomorrow'


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret!