Saturday, 31 May 2014

Checking up on Our Patch!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, didn't we sleep well last night!

I started off sleeping at Old Two Legs feet and blow me, I woke up, still there! Holly was on the bed as well and she said she didn't wake up at all, but with Holly Dog, that is not unusual!

OTL stayed in bed for a little extra snoring but in the end he woke himself up and had to get up!

Today has been a day of 'clearing up' and 'sorting out' and catching up on 'The Sniffs'!

Well, you go away for a couple of weeks and what happens? The garden has sprouted loads of flowers, (around the pond). The patch at the back of the garden where OTL scattered a load of 'Wild Flower Seed' is full of weeds and not a sign of a Poppy or even a 'Goats Beard'!

OTL not happy about that bit!

The ferrets were almost beside themselves when OTL let them out of the cage. They were jumping and running and 'dooking' all over the place. When they finally 'Escaped' from the office, well, OTL makes it look like they have escaped but really he lets them out,  they went potty in the bedroom, chasing and chuckling and pouncing on each other , and OTL as well!

They certainly were pleased to be back in familiar surroundings!

Miss Snowflake did a Celebratory Poo on the bathroom floor and when OTL grabbed Mr Brambles, just as he was about to to one as well, OTL got ferret poo all on his trousers and had to wash it all off before putting the trousers in the wash!

That was it, out we all went for a trip down on the Sea Wall to check out the 'Home Patch' and see if there is anything that shouldn't be, if you know what I mean!

Holly and I were covering the 'Doggy Sniffs'

That wasn't there before we went!
 and of course, the ferrets were sniffing out the weasel sniffs!

Now this is new or have you just done it?
 Mr Brambles was well into sniffing out the new stuff and most of the time all we could see was his tail!

What? Yeah, I'm in here!
When we got down to the beach there was a real problem to be solved!

Mr Brambles was ferreting about the High Tide Mark when he came across a strange looking stick. He didn't know what it was , so he called over to me to ask.......

Is this a Woofer Stick?
'I know what this is' I told him, it's a 'DiggerHolleryStickyThing' and Little Two Legs dig holes with it instead of using their paws like wot decent woofers do!

It's a DiggerHolleryStickyThing!
We had some fun trying to make it work but in the end decided that it was never going to catch on and would be better left for someone to find!

Mr Brambles found an old bucket and said that he could get more sand in there that on the  DiggerHolleryStickyThing!

Now, this has potential!
We headed back towards the car and on the way Miss Snowflake found a very well hidden sniff down the crack in the Sea Wall!

Hey! Getaloadathisone!
Miss Snowflake was well into the sniffs today and she even took time to let OTL take a 'Looking Good' shot of her. But she didn't hang around too long!

Looking Good........OK, now I'm Orf!
We found this 'Goats Beard' flower and kept on asking if it looked like any of the plants in our garden.

OTL said that his plants were still growing, 'Yeah, but up or down'!

What a Goats Beard should look like!
 Back home it was down to snoozing until our lunchtime walk and trying to keep out of The Missus way as she was rushing about stuffing clothes into the washing machine and we were making sure we didn't get thrown in there with OTL's socks as well!

Lunchtime we were out checking on the rabbits but they seemed to have gone back to bed for the afternoon!

Me, looking for rabbits!
Well, I decided that if the rabbits weren't going to play, then I was going in for a dip!

I found a stick and OTL tossed it into the water and I went after it! Now, I know that the water isn't as crystal clear as up in Scotland but it is a degree or two warmer!

Wetter and just a little warmer!
Holly and I sat on the beach looking out to sea and she said that although we didn't get any ticks and managed to stay out of too much trouble, the one thing the South has over Scotland..........

Warmer Weather!
After getting home, we had a visit from the postman, 'Hey!' he says, 'Is there a Miss Holly and a Miss Daisy living here?'

You bet, but who is sending us mail?

From Archie Babe!
It was a box of 'Doggy Treats' from Archie Babe! Wow! Wot Super Treats! They do sniff very tempting and TM had to put them up near OTL's Bottle of Malt!

OTL sneaked us out a couple of treats while TM wasn't watching, and they are dead tasty!

So, tonight, we will be toasting Archie Babe and saying a Super Big Thanks and nibbling the treats instead of mugging OTL's Shortbread!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.