Saturday, 22 April 2017

So much for the Weather Men!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

We were up early this morning, not that we wanted to be up early, it was The Missus clumping around the house in the early hours, getting stuff out of her store room and loading the car up. Oh, and making twenty cups of coffee to make up for the lack of caffeine yesterday when she went to be stabbed!

Getting up early means we have time to watch the news and the weather forecast. The man who was telling us all about the forth coming weather was going on about being very unlucky if in our area we saw any rain.

We looked out side, it was persisting down!

When we got to the beach it was still very wet!

Not the bright sunny day promised!
We didn't hang about too long, the ferrets were busting to get back into the bag, Holly and I wondered if we could get in the bag with them!

And still it rained!
 Back home we got a rub down with a warm towel and settled down to some snoozing until lunch time.

OTL was cleaning the cages out and chasing the ferrets all over the place! Old Two Legs has a good game with them and both Freddy and Eric get rolled over onto their backs and laugh their tails off when OTL tickles their tummy's!

Lunchtime we went out again and this time the rain had stopped! The grass was still wet so both Eric and May got wet tummies running across the grass!

Er! 'm getting a wet tum!
 Eric was in a good mood and even went down into the rock pools looking for Monsters!

I think I'll stop for a sniff!
May was a bit ahead of him and stopped for a wee, that messed up his 'Monster Hunting'!

Next he tried climbing up on the rocks and tried to spot the sea weed moving, but that didn't work either!

It's alright looking for Monsters but I still get a soggy butt!
Holly Chops stayed on the beach watching all the fun but had already decided she was not going anywhere near the water!

There is no way I'm going in there!
Miss May decided to give up on the Monsters and followed Holly up to the Sea Wall!

Oi! Wait for me!
All the time I was having a game of 'Chase' with my tail, which is rather a good game, until you catch your tail and fall over!

Hey! I caught my tail! Honest I did!
It was a rush to the Sea Wall and the steps up to the grass path. OTL took the opportunity to get in position to get a picture of Eric as he stuck his head up to see if the way was clear to get onto the pathway!

Is it safe yet?
Back home OTL has been catching up on series called 'The Last Kingdom' which he just loves! Holly and I sat with him on his chair but we both fell asleep!

TM has returned from her day up the village hall, sloshing all the glue and glitter around and gassing her head off!

We stopped at the hall to say hello to Auntie Rosie who just loves the ferrets and gave May and Eric a cuddle!

Holly and I got a stroke as well but we wanted to get home 'cos there was a bowl of chicken waiting for us!

So, claws crossed that we get some good weather tomorrow.

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.