Friday, 19 August 2011

Sandcastles and Holes and Whales

Hello Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

Today we have spent some time with Old Two Legs 'cos TM has gone to see some Whales, a sort of anniversary present from OTL!

It was super sunshine when we waved her good bye from the dock side and off she went as happy as you like.

Bye Bye TM
After TM had sailed off, we went back to the caravan park to get our swimming costumes and guess what?...........It started to rain!

So we settled down to a snooze after our breakfast while OTL did all the housework and get the water from the well and clean TM wellies, as she had told him he must do, before she gets back.

OTL says sometimes he feels just like Cinderella!

We got a message on the mobile telephone from TM saying she had seen whales, but didn't say what type! When she came back she showed us a picture of a whale she saw and she says it's called Minkki!

Hello Minkki!
By then the rain had stopped and we went for a walk up the forest and OTL started looking into big puddles and taking photographs, he looked right strange, and so does his picture!

Looking in a Puddle!
When we got back we jumped into the car and went off to Calgary Bay for a race and a dig in the sand!

First of all I went sort of 'swimming', my feet came off the sandy bottom when it dipped away and I was swimming for a moment until I turned around and swam to shore again!

Me Swimming!
OTL said that it would have been fun if he had brought our ball so we could chase it in the water!
Rock Pooling.
Then we had a go at 'Rock Pooling' but we didn't find anything worth eating!

Holly and me ran all over the beach and then we had a go at digging holes, then we built a sandcastle and after that we chased all around another sandcastle that had a mote!

Our Sandcastle!
I bet you didn't know we could build sandcastles as well as dig big holes!

Mote Racing!
We were in plenty of time to meet TM off the boat, we got there early and sat on the dock front where we saw a notice about doggies that didn't concern us 'cos OTL looks after our every need!

Early to bed tonight as we are tired puppies and OTL has some special plans for tomorrow, we just hope it involves sand and beaches and more hole digging!

See you tomorrow.


McDaisy & MacHolly