Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Highland Not Not's

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly here!

It has been a bit windy today, we were listening to the weather forecast on the TV and the lady said that it would be a 'Bit Breezy'

It was a Force 8 Gale!

Still, it didn't stop us from having fun. Holly and I were down on our private beach having a mooch around when all of a sudden we got the feeling someone was looking at us!

So, slowly, not to let anyone know we were looking at them looking at us, we very slowly raised our eyes to see.............................Not Not's!

Highland Not Not's
Well, that was it, we weren’t going to have Highland Not Not's looking at us on our private beach, so we woofed and woofed and they ran off!

It was then that Holly decided to go back to her favourite beach thing.............rolling in something smelly!

Rolling in it Again!
It was there that Holly spotted something on the beach and asked OTL if she could roll in it!

OTL said it would get smelly later but it had stinging things that could hurt little puppies like us!

He said it was called a Nelly Fish, but Holly said it didn't look like any fish she had ever seen before! 

Beached Nelly Fish!
Later on we went off to Bowmore to do some shopping, Holly and I had a run along the beach while The Missus was on the Co-op. Old Two Legs wanted to go in the Bowmore Distillery but TM wouldn't let him!

Never mind, we gave his ear a lick as we headed back to the caravan and promised him a return trip soon!

The afternoon was spent snoozing while OTL & TM played on their computers in the big building where they have Hi-Fi or Wi-Fi or whatever it is to make the Internet work!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & Mac Holly