Saturday, 26 March 2011

We love Friday's

Hi to you all,

D&H back again and the sun is still shining, it has been a glorious week!

We were out good and early this morning, 'cos The Missus said she had to clear the place up before Auntie Shelia arrives for some card making.

Now, I know I'm only a little puppy but I really don't understand why she has to clear the place up before making a Bigger mess making cards? Why not leave the first load of mess and do it all together when she clears up at the end of the day? Two messes but just one clear up, instead of the two messes and two clear ups.

I mean, it'll save her a whole clear up!

Come lunch time OTL shuts the office and grabs his camera and car keys, and where are we? Sitting by the front door with our lead, waiting for him!

Today we went down to the Riverside Park again! Super run about and we met a few new doggies, one little sausage dog crept up on Holly and sniffed her tail without her realising he was there!  Sneaky or wot!

We had another laugh later when Holly did a woof at the barge. Now as soon as she barked, she heard a bark come back, Holly is not so bright really, she thought it was another dog woofing back! So, she woofed again, and again back came the woof, so she woofed again, and so it went on!

This carried on for some time, OTL and I were laughing at Holly but she still reckoned there was another dog there so she went around the back to see if she could see it!

Is it up there?
Of course, she was listening to her own echo bouncing off the barge! It took her some time to work it out!

As we returned to the car we saw a doggy running in and out of poles then running over a small bridge thing. Well, we couldn't work out what was happening, looked a bit daft to us!

Daft or wot!
When the dog had finished, she came out with her owner and we asked what was happening, she said it was a load of old rubbish designed to show how clever she was and how dopey the owner looked when they tried to run from one test to the other!

As Holly said, thanks, but no thanks, we'll keep OTL as he is, he looks daft enough already!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly