Friday, 24 February 2012

Sneaky Friday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

What a wonderful day today, as well as being Friday, the weather has been kind, Old Two Legs has not cried and The Missus has broken the caravan table.

We were up reasonably early this morning for our Sea Wall walk as OTL had some jobs he had to get done first thing. One involved getting the car tax from the Post Office!

OTL has been after a new camera for some time and has been saving up all his pocket money, this morning he saw a camera on eBay that was almost new and used very little, so, at TM's suggestion he put a bid in and off he went to do his jobs. Now, bearing in mind that these cameras normally go for a good bit more than he bid, he was not expecting to come back home to find he had won it! OTL was a 'Happy Puppy' when he found out.

To celebrate, TM & OTL said they would take us out to Ore Marshes to see some birds and have a walk by the sea!

That was super, except that we had to stay on the lead 'cos they don't like dogs running free in case they scare the birds. Which is silly 'cos we wouldn't scare the birds, just eat them if they tasted like chicken!

Brent Geese in flight, we think, or they could be Sea Chickens!
As we got back to the car, Holly spotted a couple of ducks and whispered ' Mmm! Look! Mallard Munchies!'

Mallard Munchies!
We headed back home via the Riverside Park for a run around on the grass. Holly was getting hungry, so we didn't hang about for too long and I must admit, I was feeling a bit peckish as well!

Back home TM got out the caravan table and opened the legs out. This is the table she uses to do her cards on. She can't use the bedroom OTL has converted for card making 'cos she has too much stuff in there!

Back to the table. She opened the legs out and one fell off!

It was broken, snapped off, unrepairable, stuffed or as OTL said ......uggered! 

That was terrible, where is she going to do her cards now?

What was even worse.........OTL would have to buy another table.

We think he is going to start crying again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly