Thursday, 10 January 2013

Snowy Heights Almost Finished Now!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly & Snowflake back with you again!

What a night! As it was Snowflake's first night in Snowy Heights we had a House Warming Party, well, Holly, Snowflake and me! We were up until late, singing dancing and watching Snowflake try out the Pipes and Ladders. At one time Snowflake went Whizzzzzz down the top pipe and landed in the Poo Pot and it went all over the place!

So, first thing Old Two Legs had to clean it all up and make a couple of changes to the layout that Snowflake had put on the 'Snag List'!

We then went out for our morning stroll, it was noticeably colder this morning and although there was very little wind, you certainly noticed the chill. It was also misty, that sort of YUK mist that freezes your nose when you take a deep sniff!

Another Misty Morning!
 Old Two Legs was keen to try to capture the mist with the Medway Fort in the estuary, mmm, OK but not brilliant, well we've seen better!

Mmm, seen better!
Back home OTL finished off Snowy Heights and rearranged the hammock,  Snowflake is still not too sure about curling up in it for a snooze, but, she tried it out and when OTL put her food in, she found an quick way down, a sort of 'Free Fall' and jumping off the pipe to land almost on top of the food bowl!

The rest of the day has been spent snoozing while OTL has cleared up all of his jobs that have been put off while we settle Snowflake into her house!

All this paperwork is really boring so we managed to sleep through all of it! Snowflake is a real expert at snoozing!

An Expert!
Lunchtime it was not as misty but still cold and we hear that it's going to get colder as well! Brrrrr!

On our walk we had a sniff around for rabbits but they were all sleeping in their warm burrows!

Me doing a Pointer!
 I was practising doing a Barney, that is, when you spot something that is of interest, you lift one leg and point with your nose.

Barney does it better!

Holly was more interested in reading the news from the all the posts on the beach and woofing at a seagull!

Reading The News!
 Back home we spent the afternoon snoozing, well, I couldn't use the laptop 'cos OTL was playing and since Snowy Heights has gone up, there is just not enough room in the office so we have got some rearranging of the bits so that we can all walk in and out without falling over each other!

It will all happen in time!

Right, we are off to have a go at mugging OTL for some of his dinner!

Tomorrow, we are up early 'cos it is the 'Shampoo & Set' first thing followed by The Vet for our yearly check-up and booster injections. I hate it, injections and vets, I always get hurt when I go there, so until we are on our way home I'm not going to be a 'Happy Puppy'!

See you!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake (Still snoozing)