Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Fathers Day Special

Hello Woofers!

D&H back again.

Today is Fathers day and although we know that Old Two Legs is not our 'real' father, we sort of think of him as 'daddy' especially when we need protecting or have something nasty that needs sorting, like burs or sore paws or ticks.

Well, we were going to make him a card but we had a problem with the peel off's getting stuck on our noses and folding the card got us in a right mess!

So, instead we both woke him up this morning with a big special lick in each of his ears!

To celebrate, we went down to the Sea Wall and had a run up and down, stopping to laugh at the fishermen who were still trying to teach their worms to swim!

Fat chance!

More swimming worms!
Holly and me decided we would go for a swim but after I paddled in the water up to my tummy I decided it was too cold and told Holly she could go swimming on her own.
Fat chance!

Is it wet and cold?
We got back and then had a visit from The Boys. Holly played a game of 'Let's Lick Everyone' and I joined in, it was fun, especially when Momma Lisa got a lick. She says that we tickle her!

I haven't even touched her yet!
Matthew played the game and Holly gave him a big lick his nose!

A smacker from Holly!
Thomas, we had to attack from the top of the chair, that was fun jumping onto his shoulders!

Gottcha Tom!
We all had tea and Holly and me got some turkey as well! The Missus said that was a special treat as we had been such good puppies!

Might even be good again if we see her cooking more turkey tomorrow!

Off to bed now, so, bye bye for now!

Daisy & Holly