Monday, 14 March 2011

Sunday is for resting!

Hello Everyone, I hope your Sunday has been relaxing.

With the exception of Angela, we hear it's her birthday, so breakfast in bed, the kids do the housework and the ironing, finishing up with a wild party tonight?

Happy Birthday!

We've had a lazy day today, after yesterdays route march around The Marshes we felt a little 'Jaded'.

I had a twinge in my back legs, Old Two Legs reckons it is cramp, so he gives my legs a good rub which seems to ease the ache. By the time Sunday comes, it has all cleared up and I'm back to normal again!

We went down to the Sea Wall today and had a long run along the beach, Holly and me went sniffin around the concrete blocks to see if there were and Sea Monsters lurking underneath them.

There was nothing there except an old shoe and a bit of seaweed!

Sea Monsters were Here!
We had Pigs Liver and some doggy biscuits for dinner, the biscuits were boring but the liver was super, Holly and I can't get enough of that stuff!

I think it's time for a snoozett before mugging OTL for a biscuit before we head off to bed.

See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly