Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Snow Fairy is Back!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly & Snowflake again!

Guess What? Yes! The Snow Fairy has come back to see us again! Yesterday it was all wind and snow but not very much snow but plenty of wind!

This morning when we went out for our 'Early Morning Wee', the snow was there in the garden covering everything! The water in the pond was like semolina pudding but the birds could still get a drink but not a skate around the pond edge.

Old Two Legs got the big car out and off we went to The Sea Wall. We were slipping all over the place on the way there but got parked up in our normal place without and mishap. The wind was blowing the snow in off the sea and OTL had to put his 'Cool Dude' glasses on again!

Out we jumped and were nearly blown down the car park! The wind was terrifically strong, Holly and I went off chasing rabbits, well, Holly reckons she saw one and ran off in pursuit but it was only a bird trying to get out of the wind!

Is it a Rabbit? No, it's a Bird!
I sniffed some super sniffs and had a roll in them, as you do, but OTL didn't seem too pleased 'cos he called me a 'Smelly Nelly' and reminded me that I had my coat on and it was that I was covering with sniff and it was going to get washed as soon as we got back and I wouldn't have it for our lunchtime walk and I'll be cold and wet and freezing and I'd end up with a bad cold and be snotty for a week!

I didn't care, so I had another roll!

I'm a Smelly Nelly!
Holly was not too pleased about the wind 'cos she says it gets up her coat and makes her neck cold, so as soon as we turned the corner she did her trick of legging it back to the car!

Holly going so fast back to the car, we can't see her!
 OTL had to go back and get her to carry on with our walk. She was not a Happy Puppy, 'I Don't Do Cold' she said, which is another thing she 'Doesn't Do'!

Come on, it's warmer in the car!
A bit further on I found another sniff, it was better than the last one so, I had a little roll in it!

Now this one is Super!
OTL did his 'Jumping Up & Down' thing calling me smelly names but I didn't really care 'cos a frozen sniff stays on you for ages!

Get a load of this Sniff!
A bit further on Holly did her 'I wanna Go Back' thing again, so we headed back towards the car and blow me down, I found another sniff I had missed on the way up!

The best sniff of the morning!
That was it, OTL was jumping up and down again and he had his 'Angry Face' on and he was threatening to send us to the Dogs Home!

A Cold Duffer with an Angry Face!
I don't think he really means it 'cos when we got back to the car he warmed his hands on the car heater and then rubbed our ears to make them warm again. Now he wouldn't do that if he was sending us to the Dogs Home!

Would he?

We got home and saw that the sun had started to shine, it was shining onto the solar cells that power the fountain in the pond and the fun bit was, the drops were freezing as they landed back onto the pond surface!

Sprinkling Frozen Drops of Water!
 Holly said that it looked pretty when the sun shone on the water drops!

As the morning wore on the sun stayed out longer and the Snow Fairy soon headed back up North, so, when we went out for the lunch time walk there was no snow landing at all. Just the wind howling in off the sea!

Stormy Seas!
 The waves were pounding up the beach and splashing all over the Sea Wall. We didn't walk along the Sea Wall but instead stayed high up on the hill!

 Well, would you walk any where near that lot?

OTL has been playing with the camera this afternoon trying to get it to save a file so that this blog will display it and he thinks he may have cracked it!

He took a video of Snowflake slurping the Ferretone while sitting on his lap. You know she becomes a big softy when she is licking the stuff out of the lid!

I must admit, I had a slurp this morning as well and it don't taste half bad! 

It's a bit boring and it does go on a bit but it at least means we can up load a video of us, Holly and Me and not that show off ferret!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Super Star!)