Sunday, 22 November 2015

OTL is back to Shoveling Poo!

Hi Woofers!


It's, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wilma and Mr Fred!

Now, how about this?

May, Silver Jill                                                                                              April, Coloured Jill
 Well, we all survived the night! Both sets of ferrets crashed out once Old Two Legs had got the bedding, food and water sorted out and we didn't hear a thing until seven this morning as it got light!

Fred and Wilma haven't got the layout of the cage yet so there were piles of poo in all the corners and a couple in the Poo Pots!

One of two things will happen, they will settle on a Poo Pot each or carry on pooing all over the place, giving OTL something to look forward to after breakfast every morning!

Fred, who asks we drop the 'Mr', has been playing with OTL. While cleaning the cage out, he and Wilma, yes, she wants to drop the 'Miss' as well, they both had the run of the office to explore and sniff. While they were doing that, OTL was working on the cleaning bit.

The bottom cage which contains a Poo Pot and a dogs bowel of water, was particularly well represented with Fred's calling cards! Every time OTL stuck his arm in to wipe it up, both Fred and Wilma would dive back in to see what he was doing! OTL, being the careful type and having a few Ferret Tooth Scars, decided to put them both in the Travelling Cage while he finished up!

Mind you, they still had fun exploring the office and discovering all sorts of stuff!

Look! Bum Wipes!
Both Fred and Wilma have been chasing the Cat Tease and Fred has been laughing (Dooking) his tail off! Wilma has discovered the basket full of Ping Pong balls and has given one a severe 'Mullering' !

They don't run away either!
We won't be taking them out for walks yet, not until they have had their Distemper injections, so that is something OTL has got to organise next week!

Until then they will have to put up with the Ping Pong Balls!

Wilma's Mullered Ping Pong Ball!
 Our walk this morning was cold, very cold! It was -1 degree when we got into the car and we all called for the heater to be put on 'Full'!

Miss April wasn't too keen on running through the frosty grass and kept wanting to get back into the Ferret Bag! Miss May, being a bit hardier enjoyed herself and was jogging all the way back to the car!

Although the sun had got up, there was some super colour in the sky above Sheerness this morning and OTL had his Big Camera with him and took this shot.

Almost a silhouette!

It wasn't too long before Lunchtime arrived and we headed off to the beach again!

OTL decided to leave the ferrets at home 'cos they looked so comfortable all tucked up in their hammock!

I had a game of 'Bulldozers' which OTL says I copied from Miss May!

As if!
 But it was a good game!

Chasing OTL!
OTL has been processing some of the pictures from yesterday and we picked some for the blog.

In this one he is telling May to 'Be Brave' and 'Keep your Tail Up!'

Be Brave my little one!
 We like this one, the two winners looking tired after such a busy day!

Looking forward to a snooze!
Today we have been trying to train Archie Babes new ferret. He is a feisty thing and has already wreaked one cage. OTL had to use a cattle prod to keep him away while he welded up the cage bars! Still, we are expecting him to be tame enough to travel home without eating Archie Babe!

OTL says that instead of being called 'Nipper' he should have been called 'Munchie' 'cos he has munch his way through everything so far!

By the way, did you see me on Michael's blog yesterday?

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred and Wilma!