Thursday, 17 October 2013

It's the Sun Again!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again! Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

It was super out first thing this morning, the sun was poking out from behind the clouds and the wind had dropped from yesterday.

We were out of the car and rabbit chasing while Old Two Legs got the ferrets all strapped up in their harnesses. By the time he was ready we had disappeared into the brambles and were in serious 'Hunting Mode'!

We didn't even hear OTL call us, not that we would have paid any attention anyway!

So, off he went with the ferrets leaving us hunting.

It was only when Holly mentioned that we hadn't heard OTL calling or whistling for some time that we decided to go and look for him as he may have fallen in a ditch or got dragged into the brambles by the ferrets!

We found him a bit further down the path walking both ferrets who were having a good old sniff!

Down on the beach we dug some holes and Mr Brambles and Snowflake ferreted around in the sea weed to see if there was any other signs of ferrets or weasels or stoats, but we couldn't find a thing. Just the spot where Snowflake had a wee yesterday!

Stoatally Weasel Free Here!
Of course, Mr Brambles just had to dig another hole. Holly did suggest that we loan him out to the Wormy Men to dig for worms but Mr Brambles said he had better things to do than dig for worms!

This Looks a Good Hole Site!
Snowflake zoomed off to the rock fall and did a bit of 'Speed Scrambling' she says that seeing OTL thrashing away on the rowing machine in the mornings has given her an idea for a fitness regime and it going to be called 'Ferret Fit' and it involving eating breakfast first thing then a run up the rocks and back home to sleep.

Well, she reckons it was just made for ferrets!

'Speed Scrambling' on the concrete rocks!
 Holly says that ferrets are masters of the art of sleeping!

We left them snoozing when we went out at midday, TM and her mate Helen were down stairs slopping the Glue and Glitter about so we reckoned the safest place to be was miles away down on the Sea Wall!

It was sunny when we got there and the tide was in!

We spotted a fisherman who had the day off, so he was enjoying his time down on the beach. He hadn't caught anything yet and he didn't have any sandwiches left either, which was a big disappointment to Holly!

Anything Edible?
To make up for it I pointed out that the tide was in and you know what that means?

Time for A Swim!

Periscope Up!
It was good fun and there were some gulls on the breakwater watching me as well!

Go Doggy Go!
A bit further on down the path I heard a rustling in the grass and did my 'Wossit?' stance, this always gets OTL's attention.

It turned out to be a Dragon Fly that was having a snooze in the grass and had slid down the grass and got caught up in the stalks!

OTL did a bit of 'Gardening' which allowed it to climb back up and as a thank you the dragon fly allowed OTL to take a couple of photo's before flying off!

If only we had a Tripod!
The trouble with OTL is that the tripod is always at home and the wind is too high, you just can't please him!

It's Too Windy!
OTL said I was a clever puppy for finding the dragon fly and to let him know if there are any more on our walk!

Back in the car I was up the back getting the sun shine on me to try to dry off. Holly, sitting in the passenger seat was saying that she was perfectly dry and OTL should leave now for home!

Home, OTL and don't spare the horses!
When we got back we discovered that The Missus had put our dinner out.............Doggy Scoff!

Will she never learn!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles