Monday, 16 July 2018

The Goose Fare has arrived!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty Boy!

Well, wot a hot day today! It was OK this morning but lunchtime we didn't bother to go all the way around the Sea Wall Walk, it was a case of a quick wee and a poo, couple of sniffs, then head for home!

This morning we bumped into a new woofer on the block! We were on out way back when this black lump appeared from behind the bushes!

Well, he just sat there not knowing what to do, so, Holly, being the inquisitive type waddled up to say hello!
Then, while he sat there Holly gave him a quick sniff, just to make sure he was a woofer!

OK, you'll do, young lad ain't you?
We all had a chat and a sniff and we introduced him to Old Two Legs who gave him a tickle on the tail and a scratch across the shoulders!

Hello OTL!
He said his name is Barney and he was just two years old! He was a Labradoodle, third generation which means his great grandfather was a Labrador and his Great Grandmother was a Poodle! Well that's OK by us but we did tell him that there were two other woofers around here called Barney, there is Barney I an English Pointer and then there is Barney II who is a lovable Doodle dog who just loves the ferrets. So, he will have to be Barney III!

We left him to get on with his walk and we told him where the rabbits normally can be found and pointed him to a couple of sniffs we found this morning!

OTL was working all morning and also had to take Holly down the vets 'cos her ear was itchy, it was the return of the Streptococklewotsit, so he got some more ear stuff and then cried all the way home 'cos it cost so much!

Lunchtime walk was hot, I mean really hot. So, a quick walk was all we managed but OTL got to run off a couple of shots of the Lichen on the concrete posts plus he chased a Buff Tailed Bumble Bee across the flowers but only managed a shot of his butt!

Well, these don't move in the wind!
 We reckon OTL should put on the 105mm lens 'cos these bugs can be difficult to photograph, especially when there is a breeze blowing!

All we saw was his butt!
 Back at the football field, the first of the fare ground rides had arrived, OTL says that when he was a little boy he used to visit one that was called a Goose Fare. He said that although it was called a the Goose Fare, he never saw any geese!

Hey Mister, got any geese in there?
We reckon that they will be having their fun this coming weekend, so that means we may get some nibbles 'cos there are bound to be some hot dog stands!

See you tomorrow and OTL has promised to pack the 105mm lens!

Bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty.