Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Another Day where TM is on TV and it's now ten bob to talk to her!

Hello Woofers!

Us back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Today Miss Snowflake has been a right pickle!

It started off with her sticking her head in the new water bowl Old Two Legs got for the ferrets yesterday. It's described as a 'Spaniel Bowl' as the sides slope in and therefore prevent the Spaniel from washing it's ears in the water whilst he is having a drink!

Well, Miss Snowflake decided that her ears were not going to flop over the side and instead, she would stick her whole head in the the bowl and blow bubbles!

OTL walked into the office just as she was taking her head out of the water to give it a good shake!

OTL got soaked!

Next, after she had been dried off by OTL, she started doing silly things, like, sticking her head in the box and imitating Mr Brambles by calling out.........

'ere! me 'eads Gone!
After that, she chased Mr Brambles all over the place, Dooking and Chuckling as she was jumping onto his back!

He just rolled over onto his back and started to Chuckle as well!

Then he would chase her and the pair would rush into TM's Card Room and hide in amongst the boxes of stuff!

Yeah, Just you and who's army!
 Although Mr Brambles is much bigger than Miss Snowflake it is her that does most of the chasing! I think that really, Mr Brambles just wants a lazy life and Snowflake likes to wind him up!

After a while Mr Brambles manages to hide from Miss Snowflake 'cos he uses his extra special Camouflage trick and blends in with the office carpet!

If it wasn't for his eyes being open we reckon he would just disappear!

How's this for camouflage!
 On our morning walk OTL saw a Small Skipper butterfly, now the butterfly is not rare or anything special, it was just the fact it was standing still!

A Small Skipper!
 Down on the beach, Snowflake was enjoying a paddle and demonstrating her 'Tummy Lift' technique for stopping the water from soaking her bits!

Just lift your Tummy!
 Then she turned around and waved her tail over the water........

Hang on, I'm having a wee!
 Holly was staying well away from the water after yesterdays fun and games!

She didn't stop on the beach and instead ran up onto the Sea Wall and declared that........

My Butt's clean today!
Loads of fun!

Back home TM was watching the TV 'cos she had supplied some samples to be shown on the program.

Lunchtime came and we were off to do some deliveries and of course, as we were close to it, we stopped off at The Forrest to hunt some squirrels!

OTL spotted some Hover Flies and tried to take a picture but it wouldn't hover in the same place for long!

Only here for a mo!
Holly and I went off hunting and we looked high and low but we encountered just one Super Slippery Squirrel!

It started with me spotting it mooching around on the ground, so I gave Holly the 'Secret Sign' and we were off!

 The trouble with squirrels is that they don't hang about long, not like the rabbits!

First it was here.
 As soon as it realised that we were after it's tail, it shot up the tree and disappeared in the leaves!

A Squirrel 'disappearing'!
Back home we told the ferrets all about the squirrel but they were more interested in eating and drinking to have any sympathy for us!

Still, there is always tomorrow!

Bye, Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.