Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mr Brambles Tail and The Begining of The Storm!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles are here again!

We must tell you something straight away, Mr Brambles tail is getting better!

Well, let me explain. You see, when Mr Brambles came to stay with us, we noticed that his tail got very bald, a bit like Old Two Legs, but on a good day! We never mentioned it and we know that OTL has been keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get any worse or even if there is a mite infection!

It got to being quite bald from about half way along it and all you could see was skin, unless you looked carefully and then there was fine hair. OTL thought that the condition was called 'Rat Tail' and could be caused by many things. Sitting down and having a good think, OTL reckons that Mr Brambles was a bit worried when he arrived here and couldn't work out where he was and why he couldn't see cages all around him with other ferrets in them. Being a little worried like that, his hair fell out of his tail and OTL reckons that is why he got 'Rat Tail'!

Doing some reading on the subject, OTL reckons that if he, Mr Brambles that is, feels comfortable with our place and he gets on well with Snowflake, then the next time he has a moult, the hair will grow back!

You know what? It's growing back!

Looking at his tail you can't see the skin unless he gets excited and makes it stand on end, like wot ferrets do when they are ferreting around and getting excited!

We haven't taken any pictures of his tail 'cos he is still a little sensitive about it but when he gets a full tail of hair, we will show you what it looks like!

That was good news, what next?

We were awake early this morning and we blame the clocks going backward an hour, but at least we are back to good old GMT!

Down on the beach this morning it was bright and sunny, in fact Snowflake said she fancied having a bit of a sunbathe to catch up on her tan!

Catching a few Rays!
 Mr Brambles on the other hand was more interested in digging another hole!

A Hole, A Hole, My Kingdom for A Hole!
 Back home we had the most sumptuous Chicken and Biscuits breakfast ever! We were watching OTL doing the cooking and saw that after cooking the chicken in the oven he stripped the meat off the bone, chopped it up smallish and mixed it with some of our biscuits, then, just like yesterday, he scooped out some of the chicken stock from the pan with a big spoon and poured it over the chicken and biscuits!

Both Holly and I were 'Nose Down, Tails Up' until most of the bowl was empty, we just left a bit for a snack later on!

OTL went back to stripping the wall in the entrance hall and we retired to bed, just for a little snooze you understand!

Come lunch time, OTL cleared up all the mess and once that was done we went down the Sea Wall again.

Once we were out of the car, we noticed that the wind was really up and OTL even left his hat in the car, not wishing it to get blown off his bald head!

Looking out to sea, you could see where the wind had blown the water into a strange parallel lines, it was something we had never seen before!

Although the wind was warm, it was certainly starting to get a 'Blow On' and looking around you could see preparations being made to get out of the storm.

We spotted a beetle scurrying along, heading for his 'Storm Shelter' under the pile of grass on the Sea Wall.

Jus' Taking Cover Girls!
 OTL was interested in the 'Depth of Field' offered by his little 'Point and Shoot' camera, like, not very much!

I wandered on and had a sniff at some earth on the Sea Wall that used to be home to those worms the Wormy Men dig up. I was just about to have a roll in it when OTL came up behind me and said 'No!'

I sniff an Interesting sniff!
 He can be a right old spoil sport sometimes!

On the way back there was some rain on the windscreen of the car, maybe the start of The Storm?

OTL told us about the storm that arrived back in 1987 and how much damage it did, claws crossed this storm will be a little gentler to us this time!

Mind you, if it gets really bad, we will get in bed with OTL and put our heads under the duvet!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles and his new tail!