Friday, 27 January 2012

Yucky Paws!

Yo Ho Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy & Holly.

This morning we were out with Old Two Legs, down on the Sea Wall when we saw this big bird going around in circles, OTL said it was a Hen Harrier and although we had seen these birds before, they are a bit rare on the Sea Wall!

Marsh Harrier!
  Having got that bit of excitement out of the way, we carried on our walk along the wall, sharing a sniff or two.

Share this one!
 As normal, the Wormy Men were out digging holes, and the boats and ships were sailing along, as normal, and the birds were digging for normal!

Another normal day!
 So, just for a change, we got up a bit of a gallop and ran down the wall as fast as we could, stopped, turned around, and ran all the way back, which was a bit abnormal!

The Return Trip!
Having got that bit of excitement out of the way, we carried on our run along the wall, we came to the green grass bit and OTL found a tennis ball on the ground, so OTL, being OTL, kicked it and it flew through the air, bounced on the path and then down the Sea Wall and into the mud.

Now, you don't do that and expect us to stand there just looking at the ball bouncing around, do you?

Too right!

Off we went in hot pursuit, we ran like the wind across the path and tumbled down the wall and arrived at the edge of the mud.

Did we stop? No we didn't!

Here, it's Yucky!
 A bit late we found that the mud was still very wet and Yucky! OTL was shouting at us to 'Come Bye' or was it 'Gerrrout!' I can't remember which!

Lets face it, we knew the Wormy Men wore Wellies!

Professional Yuk!
Well, we haven't got wellies, so, OTL had muddy paws all over the car on the way home!

In the afternoon we went down to deliver some stuff and then down to the New Park. Loads of ball chasing (no mud) and we met up with some of our mates and also some new dogs.

There was a couple of Spaniels who had knitted coats on and they looked a right pair of Wally's!

We couldn't help but laugh!

They said that the jackets were next to useless but they only wore then 'cos Grandma had knitted them for Christmas and they didn't want to hurt her feelings!

Don't Laugh!
We could understand that, but they said they were looking forward to Spring, just so they can loose the stupid jackets!

As we went further around we finally ended up at the swimming hole, now OTL has been keeping us away from here because he says it has been too cold for a swim, but today he forgot all about that, until he saw us having a paddle!

First Paddle of the Year!
 We told him we were only having a drink and didn't really want to go for a swim and can he throw the ball in just to prove it!

He said something and we know that the second word was  OFF!

Then he suddenly dashed off to one side and got all artistic again with the camera.

Moor Hen at Sunset!
I do wish he would warn us when he's going to do things like that, the way he rushed off leaping onto the rocks, Holly and me thought he was going to jump off the rocks into the swimming hole!

Back home to Chicken Dinner, followed by a brand new Rawhide Chew, it was heaven, just HEAVEN!

Bye bye all, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly