Monday, 7 March 2011

Another Lazy Sunday

Hi Folks!

D&H back again,

Very Happy Birthday to Vi, she had a big party on Saturday night. Dancing the night away we hear!

Old Two Legs was hard at the decorating bit this morning, slapping more paint on the bathroom ceiling.

Holly was very interested in watching OTL, don't know why, it's not as if we have a kennel roof to paint!

While he was bent over backwards waving the brush around, Holly was in the shower, sitting on the bath mat watching him work.

She said it was no trouble to do that 'cos she had the shower door closed so no paint would drip on her!

I kept out of there, I don't like the smell of  paint, so I stayed down stairs chewing on Hollies carrot. She had hidden it under one of the cushions, but I found it!

A bit later on when OTL had finished the painting, The Missus went in the bathroom and said Oo' Aah! Oo Aah!' or something like that.

See, she reckons if she says he's done a super job, then he will be more likely to do the kitchen next.

She's been after him to do the kitchen for ages, it's one of her 'jobs' on the list that OTL gets every weekend.

As I've said before, that TM, Crafty or Wot!

We have been a bit lazy today, what with OTL working and TM making cards. Holly and I have been experimenting in the garden to find a suitable place to start our Spring Dig!

Trouble was, TM caught us doing a test dig and chased us around the garden twice!

Holly said TM was going to chop our tails off so we would not be happy again, so we rushed up to OTL who protected us.

That TM can be scary sometimes!

I think an early night is called for, must catch up on our sleep!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly