Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Seriously Lazy Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Now we have had what can be described as a Seriously Lazy Day! You see we didn't get up until late and didn't really have any plans to visit any thing local'ish!

We had been running and tearing about up and down the Dales and Old Two Legs reckons that if we went any further we would end up in the Lake District!

So, to day we decided to stay in the caravan, woofing at the other campers and their dogs!

Holly and I got taken out for our morning stroll by The Missus and OTL used the time to clean the ferrets cages.

Now, you know how we have to keep Miss May away from Fred and Wendy 'cos for some reason May and Wendy want to kill each other! Most of the time we can do this and all is peace and quiet!

Not today!

Miss May was on the loose in the caravan, pinching our 'Nodular' biscuits and hiding them in the washroom at the end of the caravan.

That was all OK and OTL got on with the Poo Shovelling.

That was until May got behind Fred and Wendy's cage and started to pick a fight. Wendy, being just as bigger 'Punch Up Merchant' as May also started to fight May through the wire bars of the cage.

Withing seconds, Wendy had forced her way in between the bars and got hold of May who in turn had grabbed Wendy by the scruff and was dragging Wendy through the bars!

OTL got to them before they could even start screaming at each other and parted them, telling them both they were a pair of terrorists!

Now Wendy had a little while settling down with Freddy when she first moved in but now they seem to spend all their time play fighting or cuddled up with each other.

OTL has decided that May really needs a big Hob to keep her in line! So, with that in mind we have been in touch with the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue and they say they have a Hob who has been or is about to be castrated!

So, providing May or the new boy doesn't take an instant dislike to each other we could have a new 'Cuddly Pair'!

After the mornings clear up and caravan cleaning we settled down to a snoozy rest while OTL and TM read a book. That was until lunch time when it was our turn to go out for a walk.

All the time we have been in Yorkshire we have had to be kept on our leads. Now that's OK but we do love a good run around off our lead.

OTL was wandering out of the caravan park with us when he spotted a sign on the other side of the road saying 'Foot Path'!

We had to climb over the wall by using some big stone blocks and then a silly small gate with a spring on it to keep it closed!

Once inside the field we saw no sheep, cattle, lamas or Yorkshire Puds.

OTL let us off our leads!

It was wonderful! Holly and I just dashed up the field and sniffed all the sniffs and even had a roll in something smelly but non staining!

We got to the other end of the field and over the wall onto the moor and we enjoyed yet another great 'Sniff and Whizz'!

Now we both had a wee but saved our Poo until we got back to the caravan site and just across from the Wardens Office we sort of 'Left Our Mark'!

It was a pity that OTL had to pick it all up!

This afternoon I managed to convince OTL I really needed another poo and we got into the field again!

It was great dashing about off the lead and we must have been out for over an hour before heading back to the van.

I didn't do a poo and I told OTL that it was just wind!

Tomorrow we got to take TM to the first 'Master Class' so that means an early start to get her there so she can get it all set up before every one arrives.

We have found a Rugby Club where we can be let off our leads and it is just a couple of miles from where we drop TM off, so we will be looking for another runaround tomorrow and with a ball if we are lucky!

We are expecting to see Izzy, Hamish and Bella tomorrow evening, loads of fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May Dun Lardin, Miss Wendy Bin Lardy and Freddy de Ferret!