Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Squirrels are 'a hiding!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you.

What a super day, sun shine all day and a bit of squirrel hunting to pass the afternoon away!

This morning we went out a bit earlier than normal, which wasn't so bad really 'cos we got to have a good sniff around before all the other dogs arrived!

If you have too many dogs sniffin at one time, the sniffs gets all messed up!

We met up with the Closet Sea Gull and he had his mate with him. Holly asked if she didn't mind him wanting to be a Sea Gull instead of a Collared Dove?

'No' she said 'cos she has always fancied Sailors!

Hello Sailor!
A bit further on we met Chalky who was out for his morning stroll as well. We passed over some information on sniffs and he told us about a super sniff down by the Poo Bin. We had already sniffed that one on the way out so that was nothing new to us!

Yo Chalky!
This afternoon we decided that it would be a good idea to go to The Forest 'cos we hadn't chased a squirrel all week and it was already Tuesday!

Off we went and soon found the fresh sniff of squirrel where he had been digging for nuts.

Here is the Start!

We went charging off and it took a bit for Old Two Legs to keep up!

Finally we had the quarry in sight, half way up the tree, hanging on by it's claws and looking back down at us!

Then it shot around the other side of the tree and disappeared!

Do you think it'll come back?
We stood there for a bit waiting for the squirrel to return but it just sort of vanished into the air!

Holly was not a Happy Puppy and proceeded to mumble and grumble all the way up the hill. She was telling OTL and me, just what she was going to do to the next squirrel and how it had better keep out of her way or she was going to box it's ears and tie it's tail in knots!

Just then.

                A little bit ahead of us.

                                                     On the other side of the log.

                                                                                                         Someone said.

In a deep, gruff voice...............................

You can call me Squirrel!
That was it! Holly sat down rather quickly, I jumped up on the fallen tree, then Holly jumped up right behind me!

That was one almighty large German Shepherd dog, all teeth, and a tongue you could use as a weapon!

He gave a chuckle and wandered around the tree, his tail had not disappeared from sight when his head appeared around the other side of the tree, and it was a big old tree as well!

Gi-normous just is not the right word to describe him!

Then he did a 'Squirrel' and seemed to disappear around the back of the tree.

Well, we wouldn't come down off our safe spot until OTL told us we were safe!

Is he still there?
I said that in future Holly should keep her opinions to herself!

Holly didn't say too much!

Back home we went to a safe place on the sofa cuddling up to OTL and The Missus.

Dinner tonight is, Lambs Hearts, of course, together with some Super Duper Doggy Mixer Biscuits, they smell like squirrel poo but if your hungry they are OK!

Bye bye for now!

See you tomorrow


Daisy & Holly