Monday, 28 March 2011

Seriously Lazy Sunday

Hello Woofers,

D&H back again and there is something wrong with the clocks!

Did anyone else notice that we seem to have lost a whole hour this morning? We woke up at our normal time and found that someone had nicked an hour off the clocks!

After yesterdays fun and games we decided to have a 'snoozy' day today, not too much running about, just a gentle stroll around the garden to check everything is doing what it was supposed to be doing, flowers growing, birds fighting over the seed, Blue Tits nesting and Collared Doves chasing each other around the roof tops and cats staying out of our garden!

Back in for breakfast and then off to the 'day bed' in Old Two Legs office for our normal after breakfast 'snoozett'!

Now, us puppies are highly qualified in the art of serious 'snoozing' and 'doing nothing' and that's what we have been doing. We even fell asleep during the replay of the Grand Prix motor racing that OTL and TM were watching!

We had our sun bathe in the garden and fell asleep in the sun. Then got up, went inside, had some afternoon nibbles, and fell asleep again!

Come on, your only jealous, admit it, no cleaning, ironing, cooking, car washing, washing up, nose wiping and making tea or coffee, what's wrong with a 'dogs life'!

Yep, being a puppy ain't all bad you know and we even got chicken for dinner tonight!

See you tomorrow for some new adventure!


Daisy & Holly