Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bank Holiday Sunshine

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles and Daisy here!

Well, let's explain!

One of our neighbours has just got a caravan and is going away over the weekend as a 'Tryout' before spending a couple of weeks away in it on their summer holidays.

To say it will be cramped in there might just be under stating the fact, so, to make things easier they have left the dog, (Daisy) behind for us to give it 'Walkies' and Auntie Shelia to feed it!

Now we have never been properly introduced so you can imagine the fun in the car when Old Two Legs heaves this Springer Spaniel into the back of the car!

First of all it runs to the front of the car and sits in my seat!

I like this seat!

I do the 'Grumbly Bit' but it doesn't really know what I'm on about and sits there with a soppy grin on it's face!

I do some more grumbling and OTL tells me to behave myself!

Holly, had decided to take the mickey and starts singing.............

Strange dog in the car
Tra la la la la
There's a Strange dog in the car
Tra la la la la la
Strange dog in the car
Tra la la la la
She looks like a Woofer on the run
Run Run

That didn't help the situation at all!

All the way to The Beach I was 'giving it some' on the Grumbles side but it didn't do any good at all!

When we got down there, Holly and I shot off looking for rabbits but Daisy had to stay on the lead!

Her collar was a strange looking thing called a Nose Collar that turns her head if she pulls too much!

Yeah! I hate this collar!
Good job too, that'll teach her to pinch my seat!

All the way around she was kept on the lead and although she was running from side to side she couldn't get away! (OTL doesn't trust her to come back when he calls!)

We had a little game of Chase The Stick on the beach but she was too rough for me!

Gissa Ma Stick!
OTL had hung one of my old name tags onto her collar, just in case she got away!

As we went around there were the normal crowd we saw and they all asked if we had got a new 'Sister'! We explained why we had her and they all said we should let her off the lead to chase the stick but OTL says not until is sure she would come back!

Welcome to The Beach Daisy!
 After we all had done our 'Business' we headed back to the car for a drink before heading home again.

Can I come here again?
Back home Daisy went back into her house for a snooze before the lunchtime walk.

We went up to the ferrets to tell them all about our run and they said they wanted a run on the beach as well!

So, OTL got them dressed in their harnesses and off we went, again!

Now this is a bit of luck! Two Morning Runs!

Mind you, when we got down there Holly and I rushed off to see the rabbits and missed the one that crossed the path after we went passed, but OTL saw it!

One we Missed, this time!
On the beach Miss Snowflake found a large lump of tree trunk and asked if OTL could throw it for us to chase!

She really must her eyes tested!

Can you throw this for the woofers?
Mr Brambles was taking the mickey by telling me that he had found some more Daisies!

Look at me amongst the Daisies!
 I wandered off with Miss Snowflake, looking for some new sniffs and a bit of peace and quiet!

Any new sniffs?
 As normal, the ferrets take a long time 'cos they want to stop at every sniff, even if they've sniffed it before!

Holly and I took time to have a rest in the shade of the table.

Now this is restful!
Lunch time we were out again and Daisy was well up for a run, she said that she had never had so may runs in a day!

I must admit we were enjoying it as well!

Daisy started off pulling hard on the lead but OTL kept pulling her back and making her walk beside him. She said it was rather boring but sort of half did what she was told to do!

Down on the beach OTL got the ball out and was throwing it against The Sea Wall so it bounced back. Daisy and I were rushing back and forwards to get the ball and she got it most of the time!

Jus' Throw The Ball!
After rushing about chasing the ball we headed back and all the way back Daisy wasn't pulling on the lead, looks like OTL was wearing her out!

So, now we are waiting for The Missus to return from another one of her 'Master Classes', just how much instruction do you need to slap some glue on a card and shovel Glitter Sparkles over it?

Holly and I reckon we could do it blindfolded!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles and Daisy!