Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday and we're in the Poo Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

You know, Sunday started off rather well today, it just happened to get a bit wet towards the end of the day!

The morning started off really well, we went out with Old Two Legs and The Ferrets, down to the beach, had a run, ferrets dug a hole or two, OTL played with the camera and everything went off well.

Being a bit frosty we were all diving in and out of the grass and sniffin' away until we all had bits of frost on the ends of our noses, and that's including the ferrets as well, but not OTL!

I'll dig the first one here!
 Holly said that according to her shadow, she had grown a bit more but had slimmed down to a willowy figure!

Just look at Slim Me!
 I said that the only similarity between a Willow and Her was the size of the trunk and roots combined!

I looked for my shadow but it had gone and Holly says that's what happens to woofers who tell fibs, they disappear into the sun!

Where's my Shadow?
Snowflake and MR B were at the top of the Sea Wall and said that we were both the same size as yesterday, too Round and too Porky!

You're both too Porky!
We were going to 'Have a Word' with them but decided we could leave it for a while 'cos we had seen Snowflake sharpening her teeth!

Back home we all crashed out, enjoying a super snooze 'cos The Missus had gone off to another of her 'Master Classes' so there was not the roar of the turbo powered vacuum machine or even the powered carpet sweeper!

About twelve, I decided not was too good to stay indoors, so I did my 'I wanna Go For A Walk' whine and looked deep into OTL's eyes, he got the message and before long we were down on the beach again having a run and a chase.

Now, because we were earlier than normal OTL decided to go a bit further down the Sea Wall, just to see how muddy it all was.

It was muddy!

So, being a clever sort, OTL decided to go through the trees and onto the playing field so we could have a serious run! We did and you know what? Right down the other end of the field, well ahead of OTL,  Holly and I found a big pile of Super Sniffin' Stuff that just demanded we have a roll in it!

So I Did!
Then Holly came running up and she had a roll in it as well and OTL came running up and, he told us off and called us 'Smelly Nelly's'!

We were that smelly he wouldn't let us anywhere near the front of the car and insisted we stay at the back, down wind and strapped to the retaining rings at the back of the car!

I told you we'd be in the Poo!
We arrived home and were marched straight into the kitchen where OTL filled the bowl with warm water and Doggy Shampoo.

Holly and I got washed from the tip of our noses all the way down to the tip of our tailses, and not a bit was missed on the way through!

It took a whole Doggy Towel each to get the worse of the water off us and then it took a good half an hour run around the house to get the rest of us dried to a soggy 'Damp' consistency!

We were then sent to OTL's office to have a snooze on our cushions until we had dried off a bit more!

Well, dry enough to greet TM when she got back!

Monday tomorrow and a Tree Surgeon is supposed to be arriving to look at removing all the trees in the front garden 'cos OTL plans to have the front block paved.

He'll do anything to get out of mowing the grass!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.