Monday, 4 February 2013

Mondays Funday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you again!

Snowflake got a pleasant surprise this morning, after a run around Old Two Legs office she got a bowl of Raw Chicken, as a treat 'cos she has been a good little ferret, well you see she hasn't taken any of OTL's blood for a few days!

In fact, last night she licked some Ferretone off his finger then wrapped her teeth around his finger, gave a little squeeze, as if to say, 'Thanks OTL!' and then let go!

Now, OTL thinks that is a big step forward in the Snowflake & OTL relationship so this morning some Chicken!

Now I don't know if Snowflake is showing off but she did the 'Licky Finger trick and grabbed OTL's finger with her teeth and gave another little squeeze, a bit harder than last night but still a 'Friendly Squeeze'!

Mmmm, I'm not too sure what her plan is but I'm keeping a close eye on her!

I'm just being Friendly, Honest!
 Holly and I had fun on our walk along The Sea Wall and at one point we were sure we had found a Rats Nest!

I'm Sure it sniffs like a Rat!
We spent so long trying to sniff the rats that OTL had to come back to fetch us away!

So, to make up for being deprived of a good Rat Hunt, we decided to go digging for Sand Rats!

Keep digging I can sniff one, I'm sure I can!
 We didn't find one but it was good fun pretending we found one, just to get OTL down on the beach!

Of course, he couldn't find the rat and how we did laugh, in fact he caught me laughing and threatened to unscrew my tail so I'd never be happy again!

I know he wouldn't do that, so I woofed at him and ran off to find Holly!

What a Silly OTL!
 Back home again and we found Snowflake had eaten over half of her chicken breakfast and was sleeping it off, just like we do!

There is nothing better than an 'After Meal Snooze' unless you consider the 'After Wake up Snooze' or the 'Before going To Bed Snooze'!

On our 'Lunch Time Walk' we met up with Bonnie, now she is a little terrier who just loves OTL!

She comes bounding up to us, has a quick sniff and then  charges up to OTL and wiggles her tail and jumps up on his lap and licks his hand.

Holly is right when she calls her a Tart!

 Of course, OTL just loves the attention, he is as soppy as she is, he gives her a tickle behind her ears and then tickles her tail, which makes her giggle, so OTL does it even more!

Bonnie's owner gave her a nibble and offered a bit to Holly and me. Well, Holly had a sniff and decided that after all OTL's hard work, she should refuse the nibble 'cos she is still on this diet.

That was very good of her, so just to help her out by removing temptation, I ate both bits!

Mind you it wasn't that impressive, tasted a bit like smelly cardboard! As OTL has always told us to be polite, I said 'Thank You' and trotted off to hunt for more sniffs!

Bye bye OTL, see you again soon!
Just now Snowflake is finishing off the chicken and OTL has just given her the medicine she must take for a couple more days.

She says it tastes good and she doesn't mind it. That's not what I have found with the stuff I get from the vet, my stuff tastes awful!

We are off now for an evening of fun and entertainment, well, we will fall asleep cuddled up against OTL's leg until it is time to go to bed and he will try not to fall asleep!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake (Still Pigging Out on chicken!)