Friday, 16 August 2013

Lost Dog, Lost OTL!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a Day!

We were up early this morning, well Holly was up at two forty this morning and needed a wee, so a quick 'Woof' to Old Two Legs got him staggering all over the place to let her out. I stayed in bed and guarded my chew against and Burglars that may creep in while Holly is having a wee!

Our morning walk was uneventful really, I didn't get lost, Holly didn't get lost and the ferrets didn't get lost either!

We weren't too sure about OTL but he stayed with us all through the walk, still half asleep for getting up too early!

The ferrets had a dig on the beach and Mr Brambles dug the biggest hole.

Jus' Watch Me Dig!
Holly and I played 'Chase' on the sand and caught up with the sniffs!

This is a good one too!
Mr Brambles was well into the sniffs but it took Snowflake some time to wake up. You know she is worse that OTL sometimes!

We were about to have our morning breakfast, after OTL had given us a good brush when, he sneaked out with his camera gear!

Left us with The Missus!

All alone!

It didn't even help when Auntie Sheila came visiting.

OTL had left us at home!

A morning of snoozing didn't help and it didn't look like OTL was coming back soon 'cos TM took us out for our walk at lunch time, a good sign that OTL was out for a long time!

We were on our normal walk, across the The Farm when TM spotted a little Whippet type dog sitting in the middle of the field and it was whimpering and shaking.

Well, that was it, TM went marching over to it but it was a bit scared of TM. Mind you OTL says that she has that effect on him as well!

After a lot of 'Soft Talking' the dog followed us along the path a bit, but not coming close enough for TM to get hold of it and see what was on it's 'Dog Tag'.

Then, it suddenly shot off into a garden. The owner of the garden said he would keep an eye out for the dog 'cos it must have gone under some bushes or somewhere it could hide 'cos we lost sight of it.

The man look like a kind man so we reckon the dog will come out soon and then he can be reunited with his owner.

Holly said it was a good job that OTL wasn't here 'cos knowing him, we could have ended up sharing our bed tonight with another dog in the house!

Three dogs and two ferrets? That would be too much!

OTL arrived back late this afternoon and said that he had been down to a 'Butterfly Tunnel' where he had taken some pictures of butterflies.

In my opinion, I like this way!
 Trouble with OTL is he can never make up his mind which shot is the best, wings open or

Sideways to show the head, eyes and tongue or............

There on the other paw, this shows the head.

 From the side but showing the underside of the wings!

Now this could be scary on a dark night!

There were some 'Birds of Prey' there as well.

Bloody Photographers!
And, would you believe it, a couple of ferrets that were locked up in a cage!

We're Happy Here Thanks all the Same!
Now that was a good thing the ferrets were locked up or else OTL would have invited them back home!

Three dogs and four ferrets? No Way!

So, that's it, a lost doggy and almost a lost OTL, and it's only Friday!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.