Monday, 6 August 2012

Daisy & Holly in Jail!

Hello Woofers!

It's us, Daisy & Holly back with you!

We have had a very scary day today. After our run down on The Sea Wall, we headed off to the Poodle Parlour for our 'Shampoo & Set' but when we got there there was this big Staffy sitting there in reception with patches of blood all over the floor around her! Well, we thought she may have had a fight or eaten a poodle, or two, and she might just fancy us as afters!

So, we kept right back behind Old Two Legs, just in case!

Then we noticed she was looking all scared and shaking, finally the story came out, the blood was from an scratch she had got chasing cats, the reason she was here was because she was going to be boarded for a couple of weeks while her owners went on holiday!

Mind you, it didn't help having a four legged rug next to us, howling the place down,  because he didn't want to stay in the kennels while his owners went away as well.

It was all 'Doom & Despondency', Holly and I were not very happy!

Then we were called forward and OTL said 'Hair cut with Shampoo & Set plus their nails trimmed please', we both went Pheeeeew!

It was very busy and instead of being put in our normal cage, we were put outside in a 'Run' a sort of longish cage with a small hut up one end and a single bowl of water. All around us there were dogs howling and crying and woofing and whining.

It was so sad to hear them all! Most of them we spoke to were here while their owners went away on holiday and they Hated It!

They said that they missed their owners and were miserable 'cos they were afraid that they would leave them there for the rest of their lives!

I tell you, it was worse than loosing your tail to a cat!

It took a long time before we were called in for our haircut and bath, in fact it was so long that I began to get worried that Holly and I would have to stay here while OTL and The Missus went on holiday without us!

Holly said that OTL wouldn't do that 'cos he loves us and also, how would he wake up in the morning without us giving him a good lick on his nose and in his ear!

Late in the afternoon we were finished, all washed brushed hair cut, nails trimmed and looking like a million dog biscuits!

We were sitting in our 'Cage' when we heard OTL outside in the office crying, he had just paid the lady for our hair cut. He always cries when he has to do that!

Then the door opened and there he was, wiping the tears from his nose with his sleeve.

'Hello Girlie's' he said as we rushed across the office and into his arms and licking his nose and ears all at the same time!

'Let's get outta here!' says Holly and we headed for the door and freedom, dragging OTL behind us!

OTL took us down to the New Park, for a good run around and a chase of the ball, but he didn't take us to the Swimming Hole!

Spoil Sport!

Mind you, looking at the clouds that were heading our way we could have got soaking wet if we had been caught by it!

There's a Storm Coming in!
We sat for a while in the Tee Pee just in case the Indians came back but it started to rain, so we ran for the car!

Come on, let's get back to the car!
Back home it was a super 'Hello' to TM then straight into our food bowl, tails up and nose down until it had all gone! Chicken and Biscuits, super!

Then upstairs for a snooze until OTL has his dinner, then we mug him!

So, a happy ending to a stormy day and are we glad to get out of that prison!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly (Tummies Full!)