Saturday, 21 September 2013

Wot a Saturday!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

I'm getting a bit worried about Old Two Legs, I think he is trying to show off with his new boat. This morning he was up at the same time as normal and staggered off into the office to wrestle with the oars on his boat. Both ferrets were cuddled up together in bed and when OTL turned the light on, all they did was to raise their heads, see who it was making all the noise, then went back to sleep!

Well, OTL was there, splashing around the office and watching the news on the TV. It was only when he had got to a stroke count of six hundred and fifty did he stop! You know, if he keeps on like this I can see him falling off the boat with exhaustion!

Then who will take us all out?

The weather was OK down on the Sea Wall and both ferrets had fun digging in the sand. As they were doing that, a big Bozo Labrador came passed and wandered down onto the beach while his owner stayed up on the path. The owner had said 'Good Morning' to us all so was most aware that we were all looking at him when his Bozo Dog decided to have a poo on the beach!

The owner looked back towards us and then walked back to OTL and said 'Hey Mate, have you got a spare poo bag?'

Of course we have and OTL handed one over and we all watched him wander down the beach and pick up the poo!

Snowflake said that she wondered if he would have done that if there was no one watching him?

Mr Brambles said that he may dig a big hole to trap Bozo's and then give them a lesson on using Poo Bags.

Yeah, just like him?

We've got him on video missing the Poo Tray all together!

I'd put him in here!
 The ferrets always stop at a clump of grass to rub their chins on the grass and leave a scent behind, Snowflake reckons there are Stoats about and if she rubs her chin in the grass, one day we will meet them!

I'm sure it's a Stoat!
 Lunch time we had to go out with OTL to get some stuff for the caravan before we go away for our second holiday! So, while we were down that way, we dropped into the Riverside Park to see what was new.

First of all we had a good look around the beach and there, laying on it's side was an old boat, all smashed up. Holly said it may have been the boat OTL practised on for his rowing!

Will OTL paddle that?
We were discussing the problems with OTL's boat when a youngster came woofing down the beach!

Holly said she was making too much noise, which I thought that was a bit too much as Holly is is the noisiest woofer I know! 

I'm a serious Woofers!
This little woofer is a cross between a Poodle and a Bichon Frisé, which sort of makes us distant cousins!

Mind you, she was the same colour but her legs were much longer than ours!

Look! I'm a big brave Woofer!
 We said good bye to her and headed back home 'cos OTL still had loads of stuff to do before we are ready to go.

So, we are all busy busy now and tomorrow we are going to take Snowflake and Mr Brambles to their Hotel and then it's back to finish the packing!

So, early to bed tonight as we are going to be up early as we have to take The Missus to the train station 'cos she is off to Ally Pally, it's a sort of Big Glitter & Glue Convention!

TM says she is going to spend all the house keeping money on some new stamps and peel offs!

She had better not tell OTL or he will fall of his boat!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles