Monday, 15 April 2013


Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

What a wonderful day today, loads of sunshine, super walks a swim and The Girls visit us as well!

This morning we were up early, not that we wanted to get up early, it was just that Old Two Legs had to get the caravan home and parked up. We stayed behind 'cos the camp site doesn't allow dogs on the site at all! You can safely bet we won't be staying there in the future!

Our morning stroll was pretty uneventful 'cos there was no one about! I even managed to loose our ball, the one we found the other day!

When OTL got back, we had eaten our breakfast and he had to dig out some biscuits so that Holly would eat them and her pills at the same time!

It's always fun with OTL and pills!

A bit later The Girls turned up with their Mum, there was Miss Sassy

 Then there was Miss Tilly

Miss Tilly in her Tutu!
We had a great time chasing around the house and we even went up stairs to see Snowflake so The Girls could give her a stroke. OTL made sure that Snowflake was well into her Ferretone before letting The Girls stroke her though!

Miss Snowflake behaved herself perfectly and didn't eat anyone!

Our lunchtime walk was down on The Sea Wall and we saw three workmen assembling a rubbish bin. Now, there's a joke about 'How Many Workmen Does It Take To Assemble A Bin?'

Well, we have found out now, THREE!

How Many Workmen Does It Take?
I decided it was warm enough for swim, so, before OTL could stop me, I dashed into the sea! You know, it wasn't that bad but the muddy stuff was getting between my claws, so I decided that a paddle was called for instead of a swim!

It's a bit Quaggy!
 Holly was playing her normal jokes, she found a bit of wood and pretended to be a Bozo and started to throw it around!

Bozo's R Us!
Back home again and we had some more fun, well The Girls did, they made some birthday cards for their Daddy. We went to sleep and I made sure I was on OTL's bed as well!

It was fun seeing the girls again and we will be seeing them again soon 'cos we are doing some baby sitting, but we won't be taking Snowflake 'cos it's just for one evening and anyway, Snowflake may eat the Hamster!

Good Night from Miss Tilly

and it's Good night from Miss Sassy as well!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.

PS. Archie, sorry to hear you got a Bozo staying with you, but look on the bright side, you can teach him some super tricks, like rolling in Fox Poo!