Sunday, 20 January 2013

She's Here and Holly Wimps Out!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly and Snowflake here!

She's Here! She's Here! The Snow Fairy has arrived! We got up this morning and it was all sort of sleety and by nine when we went out there were loads of it falling out of the sky!

The Missus went out into the back garden and filled up the bird feeders and put some fruit cake on the ground to feed the birds. Little did she know that Holly had sneaked out  behind her and was eating the cake!

When TM found out she chased Holly all around the garden but Holly wouldn't drop the cake, as she said, 'To Hell with The Diet!'

We went down to The Sea Wall as normal and Holly and I went in and out of the grass, kicking up the snow and sniffin under it as well!

It's all sort of 'Frozen Sniffs!'
 We ran off down the path and Holly started to moan about the snow making her paws cold!

Hey! This stuff is cold on my claws!

Then we turned the corner and caught the wind and snow coming in off the sea. 'Ee Up!' says Holly in her best ferret accent, ' t'Blooming Cold Here!'

I didn't mind it really 'cos I had my coat on but Holly had taken it into her mind that 'Enough was Enough' and legged it back to the car!

I'm OK but where's Holly?

OTL was looking for Holly and he found her tracks in the snow, so, off we set 'Tracking Holly'!

Holly Tracks!

OTL was calling her and whistling as well but no sign of her, so back he went to the car park and there she was, standing by the door woofing to get back in!

Come on, open the doors!
Talk about a wimp!

So, that was it, we all pile back into the car and head for home and a warm bed!

Snowflake thought it was funny and had a good laugh from inside her 'Play Box' she hides her toys in when she is let out of Snowy Heights, so OTL can clean it out.

You are a Pair of Wimps!
Snowflake says she isn't feeling 100% today and she has missed out on her morning poo, which is not normal for a ferret. Normally she produces a prodigious amount for such a small body but the raw chicken yesterday may have upset her, so she is on Ferret Nuggets today until she gets sorted!

OTL thinks she may be 'Self Regulating' her intake 'cos she isn't a piggy like Holly and, as she has been well fed since she has been here, it may be her having a small 'Fast' so she can get in between the stuff under the desk!

Lunch time came and I bullied OTL into going out for our walk but Holly saw me getting into my coat and legged it up stairs and hid in the bedroom! OTL decided he wasn't going to wait and he and I went over The Fields, a place I haven't been for some time!

This is fun!
It was cold, snowy and fun! I had great fun jumping in and out of the snow drifts and we even saw a fox crossing the field ahead of us. As there was only me, I decided not to chase it today and save it for when Holly is with me!

Mr Foxy
On our way back we spotted Mr Snowy in a neighbour's garden and OTL said it looked like it had an 'Afro' haircut!

An Afro Snowman!

Back home I had a snooze while OTL took some pictures of the birds in the tree in our garden, we saw Goldfinch and Sparrows.

Well fed and happy!

Mrs Sparrow

Holly got fed up watching the birds and went out in the garden with TM, Holly had a nibble of the cake she had stashed behind the shed this morning, TM was not Happy!

So we settled down to a late afternoon snooze and Snowflake tucked herself into her bed as well. It was only OTL who stayed awake!

I can now sniff the dinner cooking but I reckon our chances of some nibbles is very low and it's all Holly's fault!

It's still snowing and they say there is more on the way so Holly and I are going to make two sledges out of Snowflakes Poo Trays and in the morning we can slide down The Sea Wall hills!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake