Saturday, 30 April 2011

Blean Woods and Stodmarsh and making a noise in a bird hide!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & holly here again with some more 'Adventures'!

Old Two Legs and us got thrown out of the house 'cos The Missus wanted to have the place to herself to watch 'The Wedding'!

We didn't mind, 'cos that just means we can go off for a long adventure with OTL.

First of all we went to a new place called Blean Woods, it was absolutely fabulous!

Running in Blean Wood
We were able to run off and hide from OTL then we would come crashing through the trees to make him jump!

We were chasing each other around trees and under the trunks of those trees that have fallen over!

Obstacle Course!
There was loads of space and OTL could photograph the Bluebells and the Wood Ants!

Don't ask me, I don't know why he wants photographs of Wood Ants, big fella's they were as well!

Pretty Bluebells.
Big Wood Ants!
We didn't hang about around the ants nest too long, they look like they could drag you into their nest and leave nothing but your collar!

When we got back tot he car, we had a drink and a snack and a little snoozett before we went onto Stodmarsh!

Lunch Break & a snoozett!

When we got to Stodmarsh, Holly pretended she was going to jump into the stream by the sluice gate, poor OTL got all worried and started jumping up and down and shouting No NO NOOO!

Shall I jump?
Of course, she didn't jump, but Holly does like to wind up OTL!

I went into the water, but only up to my knees, it was nice and cool on my legs and they dried off after a little run along the path.

A paddle for Daisy
OTL took us into a bird hide that was empty of people, so we ran around, woofed and jumped up onto the seats and generally had a rough and tumble without anyone looking down their noses and going shhhh!

Fun in the hide!
OTL took a picture of a butterfly, we think it is a Green Veined White, but we are not totally 100% sure, it could be several others 'cos we couldn't get our wing pattern and spots to match any other butterfly pictures we have, also the veins looked black instead of green. So, if anyone out there knows what it is for sure, please let us know!

Green Veined White?
 If you double click on the picture you can see the detail, the antennae look super, all sort of stripes all the way up.

We are off to bed early tonoght 'cos we are tired little puppies and OTL has promised to take us out tomorrow as well!

Bye bye for now, we've got to go Granny Sitting tonight.

It's a bit like baby sitting but the Granny snores a lot and makes rude noises, well TM certainly does!


Daisy & Holly