Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Holly Gets all Hooked up!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

This misty weather is a real pain in the tail! We haven't seen the sun for ages!

Old Two Legs says it's about to turn and we should get winds from the North, clearing away the mist, but, it's going to get colder!

It didn't seem like it this morning, you know there wasn't even a decent dew on the plants and spiders web!

As Holly says.....

This mist is Boring!
 We decided that we would play F1 Racing and Holly got off to a bad start so I won by a mile!

I Won Again!
OTL found a very bright reddy or orangey looking fungi and we think it is the Parrot Waxcap! This is a very common fungi but it's just that we haven't seen it before!

Parrot Waxcap?
Back home and after a brush and some breakfast OTL went out into the garden for some more work!

He is trying to clear the back section of the garden and turn it into a grass free area with some wild flower meadow strips in the sunny bit up in the corner. Trouble is, the ground is a bit wet and the mud was sticking to his boots and we reckon he grew another two inches!

It was only when his back ached that he decided to pack it in for the day!

Our lunch time walk was interesting!

First of all we lost the ball that OTL was throwing for us, it bounced into the long grass and we couldn't find it! That upset Holly 'cos it was a super small ball, (OTL called it a Golf Ball) and it bounced all over the place!

Maybe we will find it another day.

After giving up the search, Holly got tangled up in some string stuff, OTL bellowed at Holly to 'Stay', and because his voice was so loud, Holly stopped straight away, which was lucky she did!

OTL then unwrapped a length of fishing line from around Holly's back legs and untangled two big fishing hooks from her fur! He said it was lucky that they hadn't dug into her legs as she was running along!

Naughty fishermen, leaving that sort of dangerous stuff where dogs and birds could get caught up in it!

We had great fun chasing each other along The Sea Wall and this time I was on the path while Holly ran along the slope!

Yet again I win!
 Holly said it was difficult running on the slope 'cos her legs keep running towards the sea!

I keep going down hill!
Also, running on the slope gets you all out of breath quicker than running on the flat! Well, that's what she says but I call it a rotten excuse for loosing!

Out of breath, again!
When we got back, we had a good snooze on the sofa and woke up just as The Missus was banging the pots and pans in the kitchen, so that means dinner is on it's way!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly