Tuesday, 12 February 2013

When is Spring going to start?

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back to see you!

There was a cold wind blowing this morning, it was blowing off the sea and made my tail sing! Even Old Two Legs kept his hood up for protection!

Holly got the pickle into her and was rushing around like a puppy!

 I reckon she is getting too much carrot in her diet and that's getting some funny results!

Look! One Legged Paw Stand!
She started off by bouncing along on one paw!

Then it was a quick Tap Dance just to show off how slim and fit she is!

A Tap Dancing Doggy!
Then it all clicked into place, she was trying to impress OTL on how much weight she had lost and now she really didn't need to be on a diet and can she now have the chews and the shortbread and the extra helping of my dinner, Pleeeeease?

Even OTL ain't that daft!

Bad Luck Sis, but it was a good try!
Back home to a good plate of Lambs Liver and biscuits and a snooze while OTL gives Snowflake some 'Quality Time'. You know she isn't trying to bite him so often, or maybe it's that he has got better at reading her movements! 

Today she was on his lap, on her back, licking the Ferretone bottle cap while he tickled her tummy!

It was funny to watch 'cos she screwed up her back paws like we do when OTL tickles our tail!

Lunch time we went out to pick up some stuff and then went onto The New Park! Now, we haven't been down there for ages, so it was a case of catching up with all the sniffs!

There was a big Pup who was ball chasing and then he wanted to chase Holly and me, we weren't having any of that and we woofed him off straight away!
Go on! Woof Off you Hooligan!
We went all the way around and said hello to The Watchers who looked like they had got new dresses!
The Watchers looking Good!
OTL spotted a Kestrel sitting on a fence post, it looked a bit fed up with the weather and was looking for some dinner!

You are disturbing the wild life, clear OFF!
You could tell he didn't want OTL clicking away with the camera and disturbing the mouses, so he told OTL to clear off, pity OTL can't speak Kestrel!

This is just TOO MUCH!
That's the trouble with OTL, not enough interest in speaking another language!

I happened to find a real super sniff, in fact it was so good, I just had to have a roll in it!

Big problem!

OTL saw me.

I was branded a Smelly Nelly and Holly even called me a Pooie Pup!
What? Me?
When we got home I was given a wash all over, it was horrid, I hate having water sloshed under my tummy!

Mind you, that shampoo stuff, it pongs worse than OTL's sneakers!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake