Saturday, 15 February 2014

Disaster Only Just Avoided Today!

Hi Woofers!

We are all here again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Last night we headed off to bed at the normal time and Old Two Legs got our Lambs Heart out of the freezer so it is thawed out for the morning. I must say, we all had a very good sleep, no woofing from Holly, very little snoring from OTL and no alarm clock going off. Well, really it's Radio Four switching on at six and after listening for ten minutes, OTL gets going!

Not this morning!

Nothing happened, in fact, the alarm clock/radio was fast asleep, no lights, no LCD clock, nothing, all dark, all gone!

Then it dawned on OTL, we have a power cut!

Now that its not so unusual down this part of the world, we are at the 'End of the Road' and suffer from blackouts. That is one of the reasons OTL won't change the central heating system over to a modern radiator and pump system 'cos what does the pump run on? Electricity!

We don't mind being in the dark but cold as well? No Thanks!

So, back to my story, there we were at Seven Thirty! I mean, that's half way through the morning, seven thirty normally has OTL exercised, showered and eating breakfast with the ferrets!

This morning no exercise, rowing machine has sunk. No breakfast 'cos he is late and no cup of tea 'cos the kettle is electric!

Breakfast for OTL was his normal Rabbit Food with COLD milk together with a glass of COLD orange juice and the ferrets had COLD Lactose Free Milk with no drop of hot water to take the edge off it!

Holly and I said it was a terrible shame and had a small giggle between us.

That was until OTL pointed out that instead of a nice warm bowl of Lambs Heart, sliced to the correct size for us puppies and the juice drizzled over the top, just as a sauce, we had to have Doggy Scoff 'cos he couldn't cook the Lambs Heart!

Oh No! The world is coming to an end! Our carefully planned menu has been destroyed, Doggy Scoff! YUK!

Well, OTL got everything done and off we went down to the Sea Wall and the beach for our run around. It was sunny and even a little warm, well it would be if the wind dropped down a bit. Instead it was blowing a gale! Even the ferrets didn't want to come out of their ferret bag!

Back home, no electricity, so OTL loaded the rowing machine into the back of the car and off we went down to the dump. Bye Bye Rowing Machine!

Instead of coming straight back we took a detour and ended up in the Doggy Shop! Ooooo! the Sniffs, Oooo! The Rabbits, so many sniffs!

OTL got a basket and took all the chicken fillets off the shelf, (Three Bags), then he put a couple of Chicken & Rice chews in the basket and finally he got a large glass drinking bottle for the ferrets!

OTL says you can't have enough water bottles for the ferrets!

Back home we got through the front door and OTL tried the light switch, the light came on!

That was it, heat the oven up, in goes the Lambs Heart and we had a very late breakfast of very warm Lambs Heart sliced to the correct size and with the juices drizzled over like a sauce, just as we like it!

After that it was down to the Sea Wall again. When we arrived there was some Two Legs geezer standing on the beach looking out to sea mumbling something about 'So much water'!

Look at all that water out there!
Holly reckons he has come up from somewhere inland where there isn't any water and it must have shocked him to see so much!

We left him to it and trotted off along the wall. We could hear a 'Doggy Whine' but couldn't see who it was. Whoever was making the noise didn't sound very happy, so Holly gave a woof and asked what was wrong?

Then a head appeared over the Sea Wall and a little Dachshund stuck it's head up and said 'How do I get up there?'

Soppy woofer had run all the way along the edge of the beach and not noticed the sea wall getting bigger!

How do I get up there?
Holly gave a snort and said that he should try using the stairs like any sensible doggy would!

OTL said that Holly should have offered to show him where the stairs were but he spotted them first and off he went!

Looking back we could see the rain falling down on Southend on Sea and it sure did look like they were getting a good soaking!

Just look at that lot!
We carried trotting along and the more we looked at the rain cloud, the closer it seemed to be getting to us!

OTL, shouldn't we go back now?
We reckon that it wouldn't be too long before it all landed on us! OTL said it pass us by but we may get a few drops of rain. Well, I didn't fancy getting wet at all and quickened my pace back towards the car. You know, we only just made it back before it started to rain.

Who's a lucky puppy then?

Back in doors, OTL set about the washing up and clearing all the stuff up from this morning. Holly and I found a comfortable spot on the sofa and had a super snooze, just to let our late breakfast go down!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.