Thursday, 4 October 2012

I've Lost My Ball!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

Seems like it was only five minutes ago I was sitting here at the keyboard telling you about our day!

Well, here we are at the end of another eventful day and I'm just worn out!

It started this morning when we got to The Sea Wall, I was having a sniff and Holly was charging about looking for rabbits, not very successfully I might add!

All of a sudden she shouts out that I should 'Jump over the Sea Wall and have a splash in the mud!'

Well, I wasn't going to have any of that, so I told her to 'Kiss My Tail!'

Oi! Kiss My Tail!
That was when the fight started!

It didn't last long 'cos she couldn't catch me and I ended up running circles around her!

Old Two Legs was well ahead of us looking for a Cranefly to photograph, he was not too successful but did find one that was all tangled up in a weed with spikes on!

Help! I'm Stuck!
 Back home and Holly said she had a 'Icky Tummy' and missed out on breakfast, so I helped her eat breakfast, well, it was Chicken and you just gotta help your sister out!

Seems she ate too much 'Doggy Barbecue Sausage' last night and  it has bitten her back!

Lunch time she said she felt better but not enough to eat her chicken, so OTL put it away for later and to stop me having a nibble!

We dropped some stuff off to the carrier and carried onto The New Park. OTL had to get some petrol for the car and as the park was close, we went in there first!

As normal, there were loads of sniffs to sniff and as we were off the lead we could take as long as we wanted!

There is nothing better than a Loooong Sniffffff!
 You see, we can leave OTL to get on with whatever he wants 'cos there is so much open space that we can't really loose him and he can't get into too much trouble without us seeing him!

So, we left him in the bushes doing this photograph, he came back and said ' Hey! Look Girls, this is VIVID!

Mmm, OK, Yes, Wot?

Seems to turn him on!

 Now, we know Michael and Trevor will be interested, so, if I can stay awake while I type this!

Just for Michael who may catch the 'Fall' if he is lucky!

Nikon D3
Lens 28-300 
Focal length 70mm
ISO 200
1/250 sec at f/5.6
JPEG Fine 8 bit
Adobe RGB
Saturation +3 (VIVID)

 OK, that's done that!

We wandered along and suddenly I get the sniff! It's The Swimming Hole! Off I rush, kicking up the dust on the path and 'Flying!'

In fact, I was going so fast that a Heffer was knocked sideways by the blast of wind as I went past!

When I got to The Swimming Hole, there were a couple of dogs having a game of 'Splash', that is where you jump in and try to splash everyone on the shore!

The Lads playing 'Splash!'
I had a paddle and went up and down just to check that the bottom was where I left it last time!

Just checking the bottom is still there!

OTL and Holly arrived, Holly went in for a little paddle and a drink while OTL threw the ball for me several times.

Me fetching the ball!
Then he did it! He threw it out too far and I couldn't get it! What was worse, the other dogs swam past it and pushed it out further!

He's done it Again!
I kept trying to get it but it drifted out too far and my mouth wasn't big enough to grab it, I just kept pushing it out further!

OTL, it's Too Far Out!
 OTL said that it was going to get stuck in the reeds and I even thought at one time I could take a big jump and grab it, but then I got sensible and decided that OTL will just have to buy another ball down the Doggy Shop!

Shall I dive in?
 I was shivering a bit 'cos it was getting cold and I was soaked through to the skin, so OTL called me away and we had a good run back to the car, Holly was chasing me and then I chased her. By the time we got back I was a bit warmer and as OTL had two of our towls in the car, it wasn't long before I was dry!

Back home to a snooze and then we are off to mug OTL for some of his dinner, steak we think, not sure what sort but we won't complain if it's Fillet!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Feeling Better now)