Sunday, 8 October 2017

A Little bit off the Back Madam?

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.

Now, where to begin?

You remember that Old Two Legs had booked up a one day 'Taster Course' for Dog Grooming with the local Agricultural College? Well, that was yesterday and what a day that was! We were all up in the early hours so that we could all get ready and off in time for all the things that were happening.

First we went out for a walk with The Missus over the Farm Fields and while Holly and I were out, OTL cleaned all the ferret cages and filled the food bowls and changed the water bottles as well. So far so good.

Then it was time to go. Now Holly and OTL headed off in the big car while TM and I loaded up the little car and headed off to the village hall for a days glue slapping and glitter sprinkling!

I was not happy, I wanted to be with OTL and as lovely as the ladies were, I was not a happy puppy! Finally TM took me home where I jumped up on the bed and snuggled into OTL's pillow and decided that would where I would spend the day until he and Holly came home!

OTL and Holly got to the college early and had to wait for fifteen minutes before the doors were opened, so Holly went for a sniff and a wee!

There were loads of sniff 'cos there were loads of animals kept at the college so the students can learn to look after them!

Finally they were let in and OTL was given a proper groomers top to help keep the water and hair off him, then he was allocated a table and a load of wicked looking tools!

...and would madam like me to trim the sides as well?
 The day started by washing Holly and then blow drying her with a 'Blaster' which dried Holly in no time at all, in fact OTL was so impressed, he has ordered one from the Internetty!

Next Holly had to be brushed and combed to get all the knots out of her hair. That bit was boring, so Holly started to play OTL up and had to be put in straps that sort of restricted movement!

Well she got combed and brushed and combed and brushed until almost all the knots came out or were snipped out with a pair of scissors!

Then OTL got the electric Grooming Clippers and started to cut Holly's hair all over! Now this took a long time and half way through they all stopped for lunch, or in Holly's case, a wee and a poo and then get back to the car for a snooze while OTL had a sandwich. After that it was back to the table and more clipping and brushing and combing and clipping all over. There was the nail clipping as well, which Holly needed. OTL did that 'cos he has had experience of doing that with the ferrets!

Finally, there was no more hair that needed clipping and Holly was well please with the result. There were moments when OTL needed the help of the course leaders to do bits he needed showing how to do, like clipping near my bits and eyes but they did half and OTL had to do the other half!

It was a case of 'Lift one Leg and trim' then 'Lift the Other Leg and trim' but finally it was all done.

OK, all done? Can we go now?
 OTL got a certificate to say he attended the course, not that he had done well or passed any test, just that he had turned up!

Next week the Blaster and Nail Clippers should have arrived and OTL says that I'm next!

Of course, when they both got back I was all over OTL like a rash and I was taking the mickey out of Holly saying that her bum looked big!

Really I was glad to have them both back!

Today we were out down the beach for our walk as normal, it was early but it looked like it would be a sunny day, once the clouds had been blown away!

A promise of a good day!
Miss Holly Chops was still on about how well her hair cut had been done and how good she looked!

Of course she just had to ask the question...........................

Does my Bum look big like this?
 It was Freddy Boy who got in first with the answer...............

Dahling, Your Bum ALWAYS LOOKS BIG!
 That was it, Holly said that when we get home she would bite his Bum!

Being a Sunday, there were the normal tourists and Mini Two Legs, all of whom wanted to stroke the ferrets and give them a cuddle!

Nobody said anything about Holly's haircut, which made her waddle off up the beach waggling her tail!

More Tourists!
So, this afternoon was spent watching the F1 Racing and cuddling up with OTL!

Wonder what's for dinner tonight, OTL's dinner, not ours!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.