Sunday, 17 June 2018

A Long Walk Along The Beach!

Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporan! back again!

Well now, being today is Fathers Day we decided to leave Old Two Legs asleep in bed for an extra fifteen minutes! Then we jumped on top of him and gave his ear a massive big lick!

After the Ferrets got their cages cleaned out and they had a rampage around the caravan we got another run on the beach. OTL had the Throwing Stick and a new plastic ball from the ferrets toy box, we had a super game of Chase the Ball!

Being plastic and a bit heavier, that means it went higher and further than that tennis ball!

There were some Nelly Fish on the beach but smaller that the ones we saw the other day!

Holly Found a dead starfish, we knew it was dead 'cos it was cold, brittle and stiff!

Ere! Me legs fallen off!
I had a deep paddle in the river and I was looking for the salmon that were supposed to be travelling up stream. I didn't see any at all, so that means we have got cod chops today!

All I want is a little fishy on my little dishy!
Being on holiday has it's benefits, like, we can bully OTL into taking us for a walk any time we want.

Once we had enjoyed a little snooze McHolly and I did out 'Walkies!' and off we were again!

This time we went right down the end of the beach, across the stream and up into the rocky bits!

Holly got all big and brave and suggested we take off over the rocky bits and up to the top of the mountain!

Hey Lads, I go this good idea for an Adventure!
OTL and I had a look at the path she was planning on taking and decided it would be too slippery on the seaweed and rocks, so, this time McHolly Chops Got out voted!

Not on your Nelly!
We headed back along the beach and got a little ahead of OTL, in fact he was miles behind and to give you an idea just how far we were ahead, those two spots on the beach, well, that's McHolly and McMe!

McHolly Dog and McMe!
After we got back to the caravan, it was the ferrets turn for a run but MacMay and MacWendy decided they would pass on this walk and instead retire to bed.

Not so Monty McSporran and Eric de McFerret, although they didn't go out at the same time, they did get their run on the beach and through the grass!

Eric De McFerret McFerreting in the grass!
Eric started off on the wet sand but after a few moments the water seeped through to his tummy and then he was off like a cat with a woofer up it's tail!

Next It was Monty McSporran who was out for a little rampage. He started off in the grass, got carried down to the wet sand and rampaged all the way back to the caravan!

This is just great, a rampage through the grass looking for McNargles!
Monty reckons the best bit is when he reaches the sand and gets to dig as bigger hole as he wants, only he still hasn't got the hang of supporting the timbers that hold the roof up!

OK, here comes Mort MacSporran hunting for Nargles!

Mort just loves digging in the sand as much as Miss MacMay!

This afternoon the rain came back, well more of a drizzle than heavy rain but that gave us an excuse to have a snooze on the sofa!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporran!