Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bad Day for OTL!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you.

We have to report that Old Two Legs has not had a good day, guess what he has been doing?


Yep! He has been in the garden again digging up weeds and making loads of pollen fly about!

You see, where we have the bird feeders, over the years, the Niger Seed has piled up on the ground and the seed from the other feeders has started to grow. That means we have been seeing some really weird plants growing on the old rockery!

So, OTL has flattened the rockery, covered it with some pond liner he has left over, surrounded the area with the few 'Mock Rocks' he rescued from the rockery and spread some of the earth back onto the pond liner to catch the bird poo and discarded seed.

The New Bird Feeder Place.
 OTL says that the stuff that grows here will be easy to pick up 'cos the depth of soil is only two inches thick!

Clever OTL!

However, with all this digging, poor OTL has been attacked by the sneezes all day!

Even when we went out for our walk, he couldn't stop and he scared all the birds and other dogs and the rabbits and the insects! He was scaring the flowers but they couldn't run away!

We took a look at the Spiky Leaf Sort of Thistle Type of Plant and saw that the flower was just starting to poke through, so tomorrow we hope to see some progress!

Just about to burst!

Holly was having a bit of a laugh at OTL's expense and she was running along going WhaaaChooo, WhaaaChooo, WhaaaChooo, everytime OTL sneezed!

WhaaaChooo, WhaaaChooo, WhaaaChooo!

I said it was not fair to take the mickey out of OTL, but I must admit that I did have a bit of a laugh!

No! Don't Laugh!
 OTL kept having to sit down on The Sea Wall, just so he could sneeze without falling over!

Holly took pity on him and pointed out a Whiz Bang flower he should take a picture of, but we don't think he was really interested in that!

Another Whiz Bang Flower!
 So, now we are all finished for the day, we have just mugged OTL for some of his chicken and we have had a nibble at our Doggy Scoff, but not really into that stuff.

Now as soon as eight fifteen shows on the clock, OTL says that 'The Sun is Over the Yard Arm' and gets his whisky out and a pack of shortbread.

More mugging!

See you tomorrow, OTL has got some rushing about and The Missus has to go out so we may get to go out with OTL in the Big Car where we can woof at all the dogs on the pavement!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, WhaaaChooo! & Holly.