Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Last of The Skips!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you!

Old Two Legs has been working hard today, he has finally filled the remaining skips with the earth from The Pond!

Working on the assumption that  each of these skips holds one ton of earth, then OTL has shovelled a total of twelve tons of earth around the place until it finally arrived in the skip!

So all he has to do now is to shape the contours of the pond and square up the levels all round the pond, well, we can't have a wobbly pond!

First thing this morning we went out along The Sea Wall and saw some more Pirate Ships racing down the Medway and into the North Sea.

Chasing the Bounty Ships!
We think they were chasing after a big container ship that had left earlier!

Holly and I were running along the Sea Wall looking for the best place to stop and wave at them and Holly was also calling out for them to come and pick us up for a days sailing but I don't think they heard us 'cos the didn't stop!

Hey! Wait for us!
We were looking out to sea when we heard 'Hellooooooooo Girlies!' It was Barney again!

We had a play and a game of 'Chase' with his ball.

He introduced us to his mate who had come to stay for a week or so, just for a holiday by the sea!

Barney's Mate

After lunch we woke OTL up and said that we wanted to go to The Forest for a change!

So off we went to hunt squirrels!

Squirrel Hunting!
Holly got bored and decided that instead of hunting squirrels she would instead become 'Queen of The Fairy's' and to do that she would take over the Fairy Queens chair.

Now I'm Queen of The Fairy's!
When OTL said that she had taken over the chair but she had to take it home with her, Holly then said that she really didn't want to be Queen Fairy after all!

When we got home we all had a snooze, especially OTL, he was snoring so much it kept waking us up!

To stop him snoring we would jump up onto his lap and lick his ear, that normally does the job!

We are off for a chew of the Raw Hide Chew, so bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly