Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A lonely day without OTL!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you!

A sunny start and we had some fun on the walk this morning, we had a fun time playing 'Chase The Ball', well I did and Holly just played 'Kick The Ball'!

She doesn't do 'Ball Chasing' but we still had fun, especially when Old Two Legs threw the ball and it bounced onto the beach, just where Holly was having a wee.

I came bounding up and caught a sniff of it just before I wrapped my teeth around it.

It was Holly Wee!

We got into a bit of an argument of how we were going to get it back to the path. So we just stood there looking at it until OTL came down and picked it up!

Holly said 'Shall we tell him?'

'No Way' says I!

You wee'd on it, You Pick it Up!
 Well, that small problem was solved but when Holly said that she had found some fox poo to roll in I said that she had to 'Go First' 'cos I reckon OTL could still see what we were doing!

He's watching, I just know he's watching!
We decided to have a roll at lunch time when he was busy watching the birds!

There was a large flock of birds flying just off the beach and OTL says that they look like Knot.

Birds, wall to wall and not a chicken in sight!
We got back and OTL cleaned Snowy Heights and filled the drinking bowls. While he was doing that, I was sitting in his office chair looking at what Snowflake was doing! She was having a great time exploring all the places you would never expect a ferret to get into. She was standing on the paper shredder which I thought was a little dangerous!

What's is up here?
 It wasn't long before she got up and was looking for more toys to play with.

Now, what's up here?
 She has now pinched OTL's little duck that he had as a key fob, then she pinched my 'Squeaky Bone' but the biggest loss is the 'Mini Space Hopper' that Holly and I share as a 'Joint Squeaker'. Not only has she got them but today she has pinched my 'Rope Ball', it doesn't squeak but it is great fun playing 'Tug of War'!

We don't mind her playing with our toys because Holly and I have fun  with the 'Cat Tease' OTL got for her to chase!

It's a Snake, I'm sure it's a Snake!
 After all that, OTL went off on his own today, something to do with 'Business', all very boring but it meant that we were all alone with The Missus and she can't throw a ball or get Snowflake out of Snowy Heights for a chase around the office.

Mind you, she did stick her finger through the cage and Snowflake was just a bit slow and missed out on a 'Taste' of TM!

Silly TM, if she does that any more Snowflake will not miss the next time!

OTL got back late but we didn't mind, just as long as he comes back! We gave him a good 'Welcome Home' lick and tonight we will have a cuddle on the sofa!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake