Saturday, 18 April 2015

A Fun Day with Maisie.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

What a windy day it has been!

We were out first thing this morning with the ferrets and Old Two Legs had to put up his hood over his 'Old Mans Hat'!

Windy off the North Sea!
Both ferrets were in good form and chased each other, Holly and me, all over the place!

Snowflake does a Boo!
 Snowflake can be right sneaky sometimes!

Just what are you doing down there?
They had a good time in the Sea Weed and even had a race on the sand!

How come she always finds me?
We met Max, Oscar and Bryn and I even got a nibble of their biscuits!

This wind really messes with your hair!
We had to get back 'cos OTL had to get the ferrets sorted out before going up to pick up Maisie from the hall.

After we left the hall, we went down to the Beach and Sea Wall again! Two walks in one morning!

Maisie was in seventh heaven, there were so many sniffs to be had and of course as she was our guest it was our duty to let her have first sniff of them all!

............and this one we keep for special days!
Maisie was well impressed and she spent a good hour going up and down the grass path!

Hey Girls, this is just great!
Once we had finished we suggested we go home and have a nibble of our biscuits and then enjoy a snooze but only after we give Maisie a tour of our garden and show her where the frogs are hiding!

OK girls, that sounds like a good plan!
So, that's what we did and you know what? That Maisie can sure put away those biscuits!

We had a snooze on the seat with OTL, Maisie was cuddled up to his leg while Holly sat on the top and cuddled up to his head while I lay on the arm rest and had him give me a cuddle!

We showed Maisie the garden and the pond but we didn't see any frogs but at least both fountains were working!

A bit later, after OTL had his lunch, we set off for the beach again!

Three time in one day! This is getting good!

We had a great game on the beach, first we kidded Maisie that she should have a paddle in the mud 'cos that will keep her paws cool.

Trouble is, OTL wouldn't let her off the lead, so he steered her away from the mud!

You mean you always go in for a paddle?
Next we had a game of 'Run Around in Circles' which was OK 'cos she could do that with the lead on and it also made OTL dizzy when we ran around him!

I'm not as fast as you two!
Holly and I made up for her being on the lead and chased around OTL as well!

Come on, let's make him really dizzy!
Then we decided to have a game of 'Blink'. This game is played by standing in front of each other, without moving, and the first one to blink or move looses the game.

Simple eh?

Well, you try it!

Now Holly said she would try first and she took up her stance in front of Maisie and started with the 'Hairy Eyeball'.

No one moved, then Maisie stuck her tail up and Holly blinked 'cos she had never seen a Tail Lift done so well!

One Down, One To Go!
I decided that I couldn't compete with Maisie, she was so sneaky with that Tail Lift that I knew I was beaten before I started!

Maisie said that she had learnt to be crafty years ago when she found out she couldn't run as fast as she used to run!

 Before long it was time to head back to the hall and head for home. Maisie said that she has had a super day and can't wait until she can come over to see us again!

Thanks for a super day girls!
 Then, when we got into the car, she gave OTL a lick on the nose as a thank you!

A super day!

Now we are off to see if OTL has anything worth mugging!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.