Thursday, 17 March 2011

Play Smelly for Us

Hello to you all out there,

Daisy & Holly back again after a funny old day.

We went out with Old Two Legs this morning for a run across the fields. When we got to the horses, Holly woofed at the horses in the field and I noticed there was a super smell on the ground, so I had a roll in it!

What I didn't know was that the horses were being fed by their owners and they had a big Woofing Dog with them!

Well, Holly went woof woof and this other dog turned around and went WOOF! WOOF! and chased after Holly, saw me and chased after ME!

We did our 'Run and Turn Quickly' trick which threw him off a bit but he still chased us all along the path until his owners called him back.

It was a bit hairy for a time but we outwitted him, 'cos we're smart puppies!

OTL got us back home and marched me straight into the kitchen, filled the bowl up with warm water and dog shampoo. I sort of knew what was going to happen next, yep, I got washed all over my back.

He washed off the smell, well not quite all of it, there was still a hint left to show off to Holly with!

That was until we wanted to follow OTL up into the loft, he lifted Holly up then came down for me.

Cuddled in his arm we climbed the ladder, 'Cor, Poo!' he said, 'You Honk!'

I thought I smelt OK, just sort of South of Doggy and West of Horse, if you know what I mean!

Not OTL, as soon as he got us out of the loft, he got out the 'Doggy Deodorant' and squirted it all over my back!

Did I jump or what!

That is not a nice thing to do to a little puppy like me.

Now I smell like the bathroom after The Missus has been getting ready for a party, all sort of flowers, talcum powder, tooth paste and the squirty smell she sprays all over her!

Mind you, we did get Lamb Mince today for breakfast and dinner, sort of makes it worthwhile, almost!

See you again tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly