Sunday, 22 May 2016

We see the sun!

Aye the Noo!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McApril, Miss McWendy and Freddy de McFerret here!

Well, last night we kept on being woken up, first it was The Missus snoring, then it was Old Two Legs snoring and finally it was the rain belting down and making a terrible racket pounding away on the roof!

It did that several times during the night, rain, TM, rain, OTL, rain, rain and finally, just before it was time to wake up, really heavy rain!

Then it all stopped.

OTL stopped snoring, TM stopped snoring and the rain stopped raining!

After a little while the caravan was filled with light, it was the sun peeking through the curtains!

TM announced that she wanted to go into Fort William for some 'Retail Thererpy' whatever that is!

So, after clearing up the ferret cages and walking us woofers we were off in the car!

TM wanted to find a 'Craft Shop' and OTL said he wanted to see if there was a Doggy Shop to get some more treats for us and the ferrets!

When we got there, and after a long trip around the trading estates we found a 'Pet Shop' that was nothing like what we wanted, however, OTL found some treats that were made from 90% chicken breast and they tasted 'WONDERFUL!'

Holly and I demolished the first bar and then we 'Liberated' the other two while OTL wasn't looking!

It was decided that TM would get out of the car and have a wander down the High Street while OTL took us for a walk in the forest near to Ben Nevis.

So, off we went and found the car park at the bottom of a hill called 'Cow Hill'

Look, snow!
We started to climb, watching out for stray 'Cows' but didn't see any. What we did see was the mountain called Ben Nevis and it had snow on the top!

No Cows Yet!
Holly was wondering if OTL had plans to climb up Ben Nevis via Cow Hill but it looked too far away, even for OTL!

It's a long way up there!
We met up with some Two Legs who were out for a run up and down the hill. Now even we could see that they were very hot, puffing and blowing and looking very uncomfortable!

I mean, why?

We came across a path that lead off towards the top of the hill and OTL decided it would be fun to view from the top. Not that Holly and I thought it such fun but to be able to walk off the lead made a good change!

Then it happened, OTL's mobile phone rang, it was TM wanting to be picked up from the High Street. She had finished spending all her money and wanted to get back to the caravan to try out some of the stuff she had purchased!

So that was it, no climbing to the top of Cow Hill, we would have to wait until next time to do that!

Hey! We have got to go all the way down now!
 Off we set and I must admit, it was easier going down hill than going up hill!

Last on down is a Ferret!
It wasn't too long before we picked up TM from the High Street and headed back to the caravan where we all went out for a walk with OTL, that is, first us woofers, then the ferrets!

TM stayed in and read her book on 'Murder & Mayhem' some really dark story!

We had Doggy Scoff and retired to bed for a snooze before night time came!

We left OTL to go off to see if the sunset was worth photographing while we enjoyed taking over the whole bed!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McApril, Miss McWendy and Freddy de McFerret.