Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Spring Cleaning for OTL

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

It has been boring today, I mean Really Boring, in fact I would even go as far as saying it was BORING!

Old Two Legs has been letting things slip. There has been a pile of papers that have been left in the corner of his office and every thing he doesn't want to do gets put on the pile.

Well, today the pile got too big to ignore, so, he has been doing something about it!

Not that he really wanted to do anything but it got just too big to leave any longer!

There were forms for the Pension Office ('cos he's and OAP now!) and forms for the Tax Office ('cos he is still doing his work) and forms for The Council ('cos they hate him!)

So he has been filing, filling and posting all today. Which means there has not been too much time for us!

Our early morning walk was along the Sea Wall as normal and this time we could see the Sea!

Now, I tried to upload a picture here but the blog is playing up again, so you will have to use your imagination, again, until I can get them to load!

Panoramic picture of Holly and me on the beach!
 A bit further on I found an old car tyre, no car, just the tyre!

Picture of me looking at the tyre!

Blow me down if a few yards further on Holly found an empty plastic barrel washed up on the beach!

Picture of Holly and the green barrel!

OTL told us to keep away from it 'cos we didn't know what was, or had been in it!

Holly remembered when she had been sniffin on the beach and got some nasty stuff on her nose that was horrible and she had to go to the vet 'cos it caused a nasty rash on her muzzle!

Back home again and more boring stuff all morning, so we slept and snoozed and then we had a little nap before setting out again.

Normally OTL takes us on an 'Adventure' at lunchtime but today it was back to the Sea Wall, which is OK but not the same!

We found the barrel was just about to float off on the incoming tide, so bye bye barrel!

Picture of Barrel bobbing around, ready to go on a cruise!
I found a large lump of those egg sack thingy wotsits and had a go at throwing it in the air, just like Holly does, but I'm not as good as her.

Picture of me making a mess of tossing the Egg Sacks!

Holly spotted me and rushed over to show me how to do it but I showed off and wouldn't let her have the Egg Sacks. So we had a Tug of War until they broke in half!

Picture of me and Holly and the Egg Sacks!

We were having a serious sniff on the path when we heard Wheeeeeeeee Girlies!!!! and Barney jumped over the top of Holly and chased after me!

Picture of Barney jumping over Holly
We all had a chase about and we told him of some interesting sniffs down near the path.

After all that it was back home again for some more boring paperwork. Around six this evening OTL announced that he had finished all the pile of paperwork and other than taxing the car for next month, he had finished!

So, tomorrow we are looking forward to a 'Double Adventure' to make up for a BORING Day!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly

If this blog keeps playing up we may just invest in our own web site and do our own blog from there!