Saturday, 6 October 2012

He's Back!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you!

'A BIG WOOFING HELLO' to Joan who has been brave enough to sign up to our blog!

We hope you have lots of fun reading about our adventures with OTL and TM!

Well, what a fun day, first of all, you should have seen Old Two Legs this morning! The alarm went off at five fifteen to wake him up for work.

Now OTL is even worse than Holly for 'Early Mornings', there he was bumping into all the hard things, like doors or walls and stubbing his toe on the bed leg!

You should have heard him grumble!

Holly and I stayed in bed and after he got up, we jumped up onto the bed and snuggled down into the duvet, all warm and comfortable!

The Missus got up to watch the F1 qualifying from Japan, 'cos she is into F1 motor racing and she pretends she is racing when she drives the vacuum cleaner around the house!  

OTL went out early 'cos he had a load of work to do and an early start means he could just about get it all done in one day!

That means we have to get The Missus to take us out for our walks. TM doesn't drive the Big Car so instead of a run down on The Sea Wall, we headed off to The Farm.

We noticed that all the crops have been taken in, so now all there is left is stubble and mud!

The field is so big and there is nothing in our way, so, Holly and I can really get a good charge going!

What is better, the mud just flies up in the air as we pass and goes all over the place!

Great fun!

Pity we couldn't show you what it was like but TM is not into photographs, unless it is her cards and tags and stuff, so you will just have to close your eyes and imagine two little black and white and muddy little doggies tearing across the empty fields!

OTL came back a short while ago, he tried creeping in the front door without us knowing, silly OTL, no chance!

He got licked and cuddled all over and a bit more! It was really good to see him again, we don't like it when he leaves us!

We are just about to mug him for some of his dinner, Curry and Nan Bread tonight, super!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Super Dogs!)