Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Over to see The Boys

Hi Woofers,

D&H back again, well almost.

We are on a sleep over at The Boys house today.

We left home really early this morning and have been out for walks around the lakes, then we got back and decided to have a little dig in the garden, then we found some of Holly's old toys and dug a hole and buried them again!

A sort of doggy time capsule!

It's a funny sort of day, no Old Two Legs to mug for some shortbread or have a game with our chews or tickle our tummies or give us a morning brush.

Hopefully, we will be back home to see him tomorrow afternoon.

That should give him plenty of time to do his work and get it all sent off to his customers.

Holly reckons we should creep up on him and surprise him with a BIG WOOF and a severe ear licking!

He will then give us a big cuddle as well and a good brushing to get all the garden out of our coats!

Sorry about the no show of photographs, it seems that The Missus doesn't know how to down load the pictures so I can select some showing our day's adventures!

Maybe tomorrow I'll have a look and see what the instruction manual says!

Bye bye for now, we're both off for an early'ish night.


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Back to Work!

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy & Holly.

We have been with Old Two Legs today, keeping him company as he tries to catch up with all that paperwork that has been building up while we have been on holiday!

We keep telling him to have a break and jump up onto his lap and climb onto his leather chair and give him a cuddle around his shoulders!

Lunch time we went out and delivered some 'stuff' then on we went to the Riverside Park, brilliant!

We chased the Gulls as we ran along the path.

Black Headed Gull just before we chased it!
Then we went to the end to have a look at the ducks by the sea wall.  We had a good woof at them and watched them fly off!

Woof Off Ducks!
On the way back to the car we had two sets of children ask OTL if they can stroke us!

Well, we don't mind that, providing OTL agrees and calls us to him so we can say hello without the children running around.

Doggy Stroking!
 Now don't get us wrong, we like being made a fuss of, especially by the Two Legs, however, I do draw the line at unruly little puppies that can't be trusted not to give you a nip on the ear when you are not looking!

Well, Holly being all friendly like, went up to a couple we met and forgot about my warning, yep, she got the 'Puppy Kiss', it jumped up and made a grab for her ear!

Here comes the 'Puppy Kiss'!
I know that OTL says we used to do it as well when we were puppies, but I don't like it done to me!

We are off to do some Baby Sitting  oops! Child Minding, tomorrow and will be sleeping over at The Boys House, so we have asked that The Missus takes her camera with her so we can get some pictures of the fun and games, hole digging and plant wrestling!

We may even go down to the lakes and say hello to the geese and ducks. Holly says she wants to try some 'sheep dog' stuff on them but I think that they will just fly away, as normal!

So, early to bed 'cos we're up early in the morning.

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 29 August 2011

Washing, Unpacking & Putting Everything Away!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

We have been very busy today, first there was the 'retaking' of our territory from Hissin Chrissy, that was a short but noisy skirmish!

Holly spotted Chrissy sneaking down the shed roof and onto the fence, we crept out of the house and keeping close to the garden edge we were able to sneak up behind her. Then as she jumped down from the fence, there was the most horrendous woofing and howling from Holly and me, Chrissy shot across the garden and up the fence in one bound!

She certainly had the wind under her tail! She landed in next doors garden, that is where Buster lives and he heard the commotion, rushed out to investigate and came across Chrissy landing in his patch. That was it, off he went after Chrissy who was now heading for the next fence. That got cleared in one bound as well!

We had a good laugh about that and we could hear Buster chortling away on the other side of the fence, 'Welcome Back Girls' he called!

Old Two Legs gave us a treat, instead of going around the Farm Fields, he took us for a drive to the Sea Wall, just so we could check out all the sniffs that have appeared while we were on holiday.

Sea Side Sniffs
We saw one of the local crows and Holly remembered that one crow had been rude to her on holiday, so she decided to give this crow a good woofing off! Poor thing didn't even know what she was going on about, but he didn't hang about to ask questions!

Crow Chasing, Holly Style!
We were stretched out on the sofa, having a sort of 'rest', not a 'snooze', if you know what I mean, and Holly said she had so many memories of our holiday it was hard trying to remember just one that sums up everything.

There was the Otter we saw or maybe it was Angus not eating us for lunch, maybe it was the sandy beach where we dug holes to trap OTL!

I reckoned that OTL had taken a picture that will always remind me of the holiday, it was along side the path in the forest, on our last walk on the day we left.

Misty Ardmore Glen
Holly had a long think and said that it was difficult but the bit that stood out in her mind was the fun we had on the beach, digging holes and chasing each other. So the picture with us running with a bit of  sea weed in our mouths does it for her.

Calgary Bay Beach!
Maybe we will go back again next year, or maybe even Gairloch where the beach is even bigger but the wild life is a little scarcer.

We have lots of other things to look forward to before that, like Chris Richards getting a puppy in September! You know, one doggy is great fun but two are more rewarding, ask OTL & TM they'll tell you!

Then there is Christmas and before that, our Birthdays, Holly, Me OTL & TM!

Then we have booked to go away at Easter and we may get a  week or two in the Spring Time and of course, there are all the adventures we expect OTL and us to have, just to 'fill in' the blank spots!

So much planning and so little time!

Bye bye for now, we're off for another early night, this coming home stuff is pretty tiring!


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Home Again!

Hello Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here again,back in England and dodging the rain!

We did nearly four hundred miles from Gretna Green back to home. On the way back we got a message telling us there were long delays on the M25, as usual! So, Old Two Legs decided to go the long way around the M25, past Heathrow Airport. It was fun looking at the planes as they took off, what a loud noise they make!

Finally we arrived in our little corner of the world, it was really super to be back.

We rushed around the house checking out every room to make sure it was all as we had left it, it was!

Then there was the garden, loads of sniffs, mostly of Hissin Chrissy that bad tempered cat that keeps chasing the birds.

Just wait until tomorrow morning when she walks through the garden, we'll make her jump out of her fur when we give her our 'WE'RE BACK' woof!

But now we are just two tired little puppies looking forward to getting to bed good and early so we can get out tomorrow and check the neighbourhood out for any changes that might have happened while we have been away!

Tomorrow we will have to sit down with OTL and plan where we will go for a holiday next year!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy & Holly

P.S. We are going to read all the kind comments you have all left, but tomorrow, we just can't stop yawning at the moment!

Are we there yet?

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

We are writing this from inside Gretna Green, which is still in Scotland. We have been down to see the boarder, we were not impressed, no barbed wire, big trenches or big walls.

Just a sign saying 'Welcome to Scotland'

We arrived at two in the afternoon, The Missus wanted to dash off to the 'Designer Centre' to splash out some of Old Two Legs money!

He was not a happy OTL!

So we went for a walk over to the football pitch with OTL and played a game of 'chase the feather' 'cos there were loads of feathers all over the pitch!

We tried to upload yesterdays blog but the Dongle, signal and the system was not up to it, so we will post both yesterdays and today’s in one go tomorrow!

Two for the price of one, what a bargain!

OTL has been driving, we have not had a chance to take any photo's, so you will have to imagine the car being driven by OTL with TM asleep next to him. Holly asleep on the cushion on the arm rest and me asleep in my bed or on TM's lap.

Yep! That's it, we slept most of the way from Tobermory to Gretna, 240 something miles says OTL!

Up early tomorrow and home by about three if the traffic is kind to us.

So, bye bye for now, were off to get a Chinese meal and we have got chicken for dinner, (and some Chinese if we can mug OTL)


McDaisy and MacHolly

Leaving Tobermory!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

Today we have been busy packing everything away in the caravan. We had to put all our toys in the cupboard and Old Two Legs has put most of his camera stuff away as well. The Missus has been very busy packing up all her card making stuff, there is LOADS of it!

It was a good job that TM brought so much stuff 'cos she made two and a half cards in the whole three weeks!

We went for our walks in the forest and said goodbye to the rocks.

Good Bye Rocks!
Then we said goodbye to the forest.

Good Bye Forest!
Then we both said goodbye to the smelly thing underneath the rock!

Bye Bye Smelly!
On the way back to the caravan we played at chariot racing down the path, we went so fast we nearly knocked OTL over!

A Racing Chariot!
We went down to the harbour and had some fish and chips and TM got us a big sausage to share.

Well, OTL chopped the sausage into bits and we shared it together!

After eating the sausage, we said goodbye to the harbour and the boats and went back to the caravan.

Bye Bye Harbour, Bye Bye Boats!
At the caravan site we had met Tessa who is up here on holiday with her Mum and Dad. She played with us, throwing our Frisbee and our ball, it was great fun chasing after her and our toys.

Mind you, her Daddy tried to get us to chase the ball when he threw it, but we were not having any of that! We wanted to play with our New Friend Tessa 'cos she can throw the ball better than her Dad!

After dinner of chicken and biscuits we had an early night 'cos we have to be up early to catch the ferry at Fishnish and head off to Gretna Green.

OTL has promised us a nibble of his King Prawns that he will have tomorrow evening!

Bye bye for now.

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly

Friday, 26 August 2011

Come By, Darn, Lay Darn and other stuff!

Hi All You Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

Today has been very sunny here on the Isle of Mull, blue sky with a few fluffy clouds. We went for our normal run in the forest to chase the rabbits and big scary monsters!

Looking down to the trees.
Old Two Legs was more interested in photographing the trees and the plants by the side of the track, 'whatever floats yer boat' as Zoe says!

Bumble Bee
As we were going down the hill, there came three ladies and five doggies running up the hill! The doggies looked OK but the ladies looked as though they were about to collapse!

One dog stopped and said that they do this for 'fun', he said he could have more fun with a good bone!

I'd rather have a bone!
After breakfast of chicken and biscuits we all piled into the car to go to Pennyghael in search of Otters and other sea monsters.

Well that was the plan, we saw a notice by the side of the road, it said 'Sheep Dog Trials' 25th August 10:30 am start!

We had never heard of that dog thing before, so we asked OTL if we could see what it was all about.

He in turn asked The Missus if we could drop in to see what was happening.

OTL never does anything without asking TM first, especially if she in in the car with us!

So, in we went to this big field. There were sheep dogs tied up to the fence under the trees. We had a chat with one and he told us about his work and the problem he has with Sheep Ticks!

Foods OK but the Ticks!
He explained that all he did was chase sheep around when the man gave him instructions. He was going to be in the competition, so we wished him well and went to sit with OTL and TM to watch.

Watching the action!
OTL said that the shepherd was in charge and in the field there was a post with a man standing next to it and that is the shepherd.

Further up the field there were some wooden fence panels made to look like gates, but with no gate, if you understand what I mean!

At the other end of the field four sheep were let loose from their pen and the sheep dog rushed up there and by listening to the man shouting and blowing a whistle, moved left, right, stop and lay down.

What it sounded like was, Awarry, Coomb Bye, Darn, Lay DARN! Then there was tweet, Tweet Tweet, Tweeeeeet!

The sheep dog seemed to know what to do, even if the man was getting it wrong 'cos he couldn't see where the gates were!

Come Bye, Darn, I wish he'd make up his mind!
Finally the man and dog had to get these sheep into a pen, now that was funny! All it took was one sheep with attitude to spoil the whole thing.

We saw one dog go up to the sheep and the sheep just stamped it's feet and then got it's mate to stamp her feet as well. Poor dog wanted to go up and give the sheep a good telling off but the man just told him to Lay DARN!

Sheep with Attitude!
Well, we stayed for some time watching all this, it was a real eye opener on what to do with sheep, a new way of chasing them I suppose!

Holly and I are going to practice on the ducks when we get back home!

After the sheep trials, we went off down to the coast and had a good run on the beach, I even went in swimming, by mistake, after misjudging the depth of the water!

Someone nicked the bottom!

No real problem, I just swam to the shore and shook myself dry, all over OTL and Holly!

That was good fun and by then it was getting late, so OTL never did get to go otter hunting with his camera.

Tomorrow, OTL says we are going to take down the awning and pack up ready for our homeward trip on Saturday. We are staying overnight at Gretna Green, that's where OTL and TM got married, OTL says they got married three times, one real one and twice more over different anvils.

That sounds like serious weddings!

Lets hope the rain stays away so we can get the awning down and packed away in the dry!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly

Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Mish Mash Day!

Hello Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

Today has been a bit of a mish mash of a day.

First of all we went out for our morning run, but today, Old Two Legs took us up a big hill that had radio masts at the top, the view was terrific, all across the sea to other islands and other bits of our island as well.

Our Holiday Back Yard!
Then he said he wanted to take a picture of us to put on the Christmas card this year.

So, we sat still for all of ten seconds, then rushed off looking for any stray Haggis that may be hiding in the heather!

Looking Good Miss Holly, Feeling Good Miss Daisy!
We had super fun chasing each other 'cos there were no sheep or cattle to play with and we couldn't even find just one Haggis!

Back we went for breakfast, the remains of the Rump Steak from last night and a gnaw on our chews,

After which, Holly rushed around all the cushions and seats wiping her snout on each to get the bits of steak off her chops.

Holly wiping her Chops!
OTL said he was off to take some pictures and does The Missus want to look after us today!

Not blooming likely, we were in the car like a shot and had no intention of getting out again!

First of all we stopped by a golf course 'cos OTL wanted to try and capture the sun beams lighting up some small islands off shore. It was OK, but he let Holly and me off the lead. I was off chasing rabbits across the golf course with Holly following close behind. After a while Holly got fed up with chasing rabbits and went back to OTL who was jumping up and down calling us back!

He managed to get one shot off, hand held camera, sun just going in.

Just across from the Golf Course.
He tried again but with his landscape lens and tripod and ND filter and remote shutter release, but the sun wouldn't come out again, in fact it started to rain and then it came down like a waterfall! We sat in the car and couldn't even see the shore line it was so bad!

Where did the sun go?
 We drove off down the road, splashing in the puddles to try and wash off all the earth and stones that were stuck to the underside of the car after OTL had to be pulled out the other day, there were loads of stones!

We ended up at Duart Castle, ancestral home of the Clan Maclean. It looked all dark and dismal but that was only because the sun had gone!

OTL tried to take some picture but what with us running around on the lead and tripping him up and knocking the tripod over, plus customers ringing him up, in the end he gave up!

He said he had a few pictures that he could 'mess about with' but nothing earth shatteringly good!

Duart Castle home of Clan Mclean
Back into the car and off home!

What we didn't know was, when OTL walked up to the entrance to the castle, he asked if he could take us with him to hotograph the castle from the rocks. The lady said that should be OK providing we were well behaved, on a lead and OTL had to buy a guide to the castle for £3.

OTL said that we were not well behaved and felt that he had been robbed of £3 and was going to take it out of our chew money!

We think he will forget, especially when we got back to the caravan and give him a cuddle and a lick in both ears!

I think it will be an early night tonight and a fun day tomorrow searching for more otters at Pennyghael!

Bye for now,


McDaisy & MacHolly

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Highland Coo!

Hello All You Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

After yesterdays fun and games with the eagles, we were up for a 'snoozy' sort of day. You know, up on the seat, flat on our backs with our legs in the air dreaming of chicken dinners!

No such luck!

Old Two Legs decided he wanted to go out and try photographing a buzzard that we have seen, he's normally sitting in the tree across the other side of the road.

Well his luck was in, as we crept around the corner of the field, there, sitting on a fence post, facing our way was the buzzard!

A Mean Looking Buzzard
That buzzard was all sort of mean and hungry looking, with a big hooked beak, just like the eagles yesterday, but not so big and scary!

OTL slowly stopped the car and gently wound down the window, picked up his camera and was about to take the picture, when Holly, reckoned the buzzard looked too dangerous and started to woof at it.

OTL managed to get two shots before the buzzard did a poo, waggled it's tail and flew away, which I suppose was lucky for him but even luckier that the buzzard didn't attack him, but we saved OTL!

Can you imagine it? OTL carried off by a buzzard to feed it's chicks!

After that close shave OTL took us off to the forest, but a bit further down the valley than normal, and, we had some fun chasing the Highland Cattle, weeell, sort of.

We were walking down the path and saw in the distance these big hairy scary cattle. I got a little worried they might try to be nasty to us, so I stuck close to OTL.

Well, they look Scary to me!
As we got closer, Holly, being either brave or stupid, (I think stupid) let out a load of big cattle scaring woofs, I mean, BIG WOOFS, the sort we keep in reserve for such occasions!

When we got nearer one of them stopped, looked over the bracken and said, 'Will ye Stop yer Yapping Ya Noisy Wee Doggy!'

Stop yer Yapping Ya Noisy Wee Doggy

Holly said that we thought they were going to charge at us or something like that.

Angus, that was his name, said they wouldn't do that 'cos all they were interested in doing was eating and any way, they don't eat doggies, well not at lunch time, dinner maybe, but not lunch.

Then he wandered off muttering and laughing 'Aye, dinner but not lunch'!

It didn't help that there was a Hooded Crow sitting on the tree near by, laughing at us, and calling Holly a Plonker!

What a Plonker!
 Holly said that if she could get up the tree we'd soon find out if crow tasted like chicken!

It didn't stop us from having a lovely long walk and a game of 'chase the stick', there were loads of trees and Holly and me ran around them woofing and pretending to chase flocks of Haggis!

When we got back to The Missus, she was fast asleep, snoozing her head off, which was strange 'cos she said she was going to make a card today!

We think she was telling Porkies again or she had been at the booze cupboard while we were out!

We had a super dinner, TM got us some Rump Steak that was short dated and going at a very good price!

TM always likes a bargain!

We finished that off in no time at all and we still had a little room left for some of OTL's dinner we managed to mug off him!

We've been snoozing most of the evening, so we are looking forward to our bed tonight, ready for some more fun tomorrow!

Bye for now,


McDaisy & MacHolly

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Salty Old Sea Dogs

Yo Ho All You Woofers!

Salty Old Sea Dogs McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

Have we been doing things that few doggies have ever done before!

First of all we had the fastest run in the forest for a wee and a poo this morning. Old Two Legs rushed us up there and told us to hurry up and 'get on with our business'. I do hate to be rushed at these things! Still, we cooperated as he seem all in a panic, then we rushed back to pick up The Missus.

It was not long before we had parked up and were marching down to the docks where a boat was waiting for us.

It was a bit dodgy jumping from the dock side onto the boat but TM had got on first and OTL just picked us up and tossed us onto the boat!

Sort of puppy press ganged!

It was a little strange at first, the ground seemed to be moving about, sort of rocking from side to side and then up and down. Weird or wot!

Then the engine started and off we went, sort of swaying and wobbling our way across the water!

This was serious stuff you know, us doggies don't do boats as normal and we only get wet when it rains or we have a swim! This boat thing was swimming across the water like a big duck!

The man who owned the boat came up to us and called us 'Sea Dogs' and tickled our chins, so we liked him straight away!

By now we had worked out that we were all going on a Sea Eagle Watching Trip on the boat.

After a while we were getting used to this wobbling about and I even sat on OTL's shoulder to get a better view.

I can sea the Sea!

Holly decided to stay on the floor with TM and not risk sitting on OTL's shoulders in case she fell in the water. She has yet to try swimming and deep paddling is as far as she has gone at the moment!

Very soon we stopped the boat and the captain, (he's the man who owns the boat) was throwing bits of bread out to some gulls that had turned up. Soon we saw the eagle coming from the shore, it was small to begin with, but as it got closer, it got bigger and bigger and then blooming enormous!

This bird had a wing span of about ten feet! I mean, this was no chicken on steroids, this was one almighty great bird with attitude!

One serious looking Chicken!
Holly hid under the chair, I hid behind TM but OTL was standing up and snapping away like mad!

First this bird circled the boat looking for the fish that had been thrown in the water for him. Then it came gliding in and picked up the fish. It's claws or Talons as OTL called them were wicked, like, they could have picked up Holly and me in one swoop!

Sharp looking Talons
It did this fish picking up thing a couple of times and we then saoiled off and left it alone. You see, if we feed it too much it then relies on the man in the boat for fish and loses the need to hunt for it's own food and we are really just a 'Treat' when we throw the fish for them. I suppose it's like when TM gets us our chews on a Friday when the food man calls!

Going in for the Fish!
A seriously exciting day for us all, OTL was happy about some of the photo's he took and Holly was glad to get back on dry land.

Mind you, as we were on our way back, Holly sort of got more awake and we started singing 'Sea Shanty Songs' about the wind and waves and the Mermaids on the rocks!

We've been singing Sea Shanty's!
As Holly says, she is not cut out to be a Salty Sea Dog, and to be honest, neither am I, especially when you get birds that big flying about, chickens we don't mind but White Tailed Sea Eagles, you can keep them!

The rolling of the boat doesn't help either, so I think we will stick to dry land, thank you very much!

Bye for now,


McDaisy & MacHolly, Salty Sea Dogs, (Retired)

Monday, 22 August 2011


Hello All You Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

We have been on an Adventure today. It started off when we went for our stroll in the forest, Holly and Old Two Legs were having a chat while I was off in the long grass. When I got back I asked what the chat was about, as you do.

Holly said that she had asked OTL if we could dig up a tree and take it home so we can have a Christmas Tree in our back garden and put lights all over it and maybe have more than one Christmas each year.

Holly said that OTL says we could choose one but to make sure it was OK with the tree about being dug up and taken home.

Holly said that we had to sit next to it and ask it if it wanted to come with us and to get the tree to say yes to our question.

Me and Holly chose a small tree and sat next to it and Holly said that it should be me who asks the tree 'cos I was more polite and well spoken than her, which I suppose I am, seeing how I always say please, before mugging any food.

So I sat down with Holly and asked the tree, but it didn't answer my question, so, at Holly's prompting, I asked again, and again, and again. Then I got a bit upset and woofed at the tree, asking if his ears were made from wood or was he a thick as two short planks, which he couldn't be 'cos he hadn't grown up enough to be even one short plank!

It was then that I saw OTL with the camera and heard Holly laughing her tail off, they both were having a great joke at my expense!

The jokes on Me!
Just wait, I'll get my own back before the holiday is over!

We went down to the harbour where the RNLI was holding a fund raising day and The Missus bought a Teddy Bear dressed in a Lifeboat man’s jumper. OTL named him Cedric and now he has joined the 'Gang'. While TM was getting Cedric, we went with OTL to take some photographs of Tobermory, OTL tried to get all artistic with the anchors and a tree branch!

Tobermory Harbour and an Anchor or Two!
After that, we decided to go down to a park near us which has a super big lake that OTL wanted to photograph. The road down to the park was very narrow and as we were going down, another car wanted to go up the road. So, OTL moved over the side of the road so the other car could get past, but, OTL went over too far and the side of the road collapsed and the wheels of our car started to slide into the ditch!

At first OTL tried to drive out, being that the car is a four wheel drive, but as soon as he started to go forward the car slid further into the ditch. OTL stopped trying and telephoned the AA!

It was about four hours later that a man with a big tow truck arrived and with a little messing about, pulled the car out of the ditch.

So, we never got to see the lake and take pictures, so we will have to go back again to take the pictures. This time OTL says that if any car comes up while he is going down, then they can just reverse back down or he will jump all over them!

We are all set for our boat trip tomorrow morning to see the White Tailed Eagles. All we got to do is make sure they go for the fish and not us!

We'll let you know how it turns out.

Bye for now,


McDaisy & MacHolly

Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Day with OTL

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

Today we have been out with Old Two Legs in the car today, all the way down to The Ross of Mull. That is really the little bit at the end of the 'southern arm' of The Isle of Mull!

We know these things 'cos we have been reading the tourist books on the whole island!

It started off being a little cloudy this morning but it soon brightened up, just after OTL had posted yesterdays blog for us.

We started off with our normal walk in the forest and OTL took a picture of Holly posing on top of a rock with some heather at her paws and a small conifer growing out of a crack in the rock.

Looking Good Miss MacHolly!
OTL says it was a reasonably well composed picture. Holly says it makes her look slim.

I think she is just a show off!

Off we went and after a while we stopped at a waterfall OTL had seen before, he said he wanted to take a photograph and see how it came out, we reckon it was sort of OK but not a 'Wow' picture.

Waterfall & Puddle!
Further on we came to a beach with loads of sea weed on it,so we just had to have a run in that stuff. It kept on going 'POP' every time we stood on it, it was fun trying to make a tune out of stepping on the seaweed. I tried to make the tune 'Pop goes the Weasel' but kept on getting lost!

Musical Seaweed

Holly reckons she was doing 'Who let the dogs out' but it just sounded like OTL's camera when he is trying to catch us running, sort of click, click,click,click,click,click but very fast!

Us playing Musical Seaweed!

Finally we got down to Fiddon and Fiddon Farm and we went out for a stroll around the fields looking for wild life but all we found was sheep!

So, I showed Holly how she should pose for OTL and I especially like the 'wind blown' look, Holly said it looks like I was blowing wind! Saucy Puppy!

Me looking all wild and windblown!

On the way back we were doing our 'leaning out of the window' bit woofing at everything and a sheep dog woofed at us as we passed, so, we both woofed back and told him what we would do if he came any closer.

Next thing we knew, this sheep dog had run up to the side of the car door and was woofing fit to bust, I mean, he had a real attitude problem. Mixing with too many sheep I think, anyway, me and Holly stopped barking for a moment to ask OTL if he could drive a little faster!

The sheepdog soon got left behind and we leaned out of the window and woofed and growled and blew raspberries at him!

Along the road a little, OTL stopped and showed us Iona, an island, not far off the shore. He said lots of people go there and he might take us one day if we are good. That means we'll never get there then!

Iona from Fiddon
Before we got onto the main road we stopped by some rocks to have a sniff and a wee but Holly suggested we do some rock climbing, she said it made a change from climbing trees!

Rock Climbing Puppies!
We stopped a couple more times on the way home, just to have a run on the beach or look for otters but we didn't see any otters, just a black mink who scurried across the road and headed for the hen house!

We got home a bit late and The Missus was getting worried we had got lost or something. We gave her a big lick and a cuddle then in double quick time finished off a large bowl of chicken and biscuits.

Then a snooze just to let the food settle before mugging OTL for some shortbread.

Tomorrow we are off to a RNLI Life Boat Day Show Thingy Wossit that OTL and TM want to see.

So, bye bye for now and we will see you tomorrow.


McDaisy & MacHolly

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Chariot Racing and Shells

Hello Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

Today we went down to Calgary Bay again, a super place for running and digging holes in the sand.

A Race Down the Beach!

Old Two Legs fell down one hole and we are sure it was one we dug yesterday!

This time The Missus came with us and she spent most of the time looking for twiddly little sea shells to stick onto her cards. Holly reckons that she should go for a BIG shell and stick that on the front of the card, that will save loads of work!

We met up with a doggy called Charlie who had lost his ball and thought that me and Holly had it. We told him that we didn't have the ball but he didn't believe us, until Holly got fed up and told him to Woof Off!

Woof Off your dealing with MacHolly here!
Then we found a long bit of sea weed and Holly and me played at 'Chariots', running side by side along the beach as fast as we could go!

Chariot Racing on Calgary Beach!
We went after the rabbits again but never saw any, but they do dig big holes!

OTL spotted some small holes where the Sand Martins had built their nests and we even saw one go into a hole, but OTL thinks it is a youngster going back for a rest 'cos all the eggs should be hatched by now and the birds should be thinking of moving south again!

The forecast for the afternoon was , cloudy, with rain showers, so we went off and did the shopping and OTL loaded yesterdays blog onto the internet. I would do it but they don't allow doggies in the shop 'cos it sells food and they are afraid that we will eat all the food, or summat!

It costs OTL a cup of drinking chocolate every time he goes in, 'cos they won't let him use their internet connection without him buying something!

The afternoon we spent having a game of chase with the ball then a snooze 'cos the rain came down and we dashed inside and refused to go out and get wet!

Even OTL and TM had a snooze as well!

All set for some liver and biscuits tonight for dinner and afterwards we will try to mug OTL for a bit of his 'Meat Free Curry' that TM is doing for the first time!

OTL is horrified!

We think she is taking this re cycling and saving the plant bit too far, a curry with no meat! What next, doggy dinner with just vegetables? That will give us the wind and she complains about our wind as it is so what will it be like if we are fed on vegetables only!


Tomorrow, if it is not raining, OTL wants to go walking all the way to a lighthouse he has seen. He said that he and TM once tried to get there but TM fell in a big puddle and refused to go any further!

So, tomorrow, a 'New Place' for us all, except that TM will be staying at the caravan to make cards with her sea shells!

See you tomorrow.


McDaisy & MacHolly