Saturday, 17 March 2012

Wet Walkies, F1 & A Funny Smelling Baby!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

We have had a busy day today, so much to do!

First of all, we were woken up too early this morning by The Missus getting up and goig downstairs to watch the F1 Practice Sessions on the TV.

All we wanted to do was snooze but the sound of F1 cars racing around kept us awake. So, we woke Old Two Legs up to complain! Not that it did any good, he just went back to sleep again!

Our morning stroll along the Sea Wall was early as well! What was worse, it was raining! We had to put on our rain coats in case it got any wetter. Luckily, it didn't, but we did need our legs and tummy dried off when we got back to the car!

We saw the Corvid Family having breakfast, so we both tried chasing them, just for fun and I even lost my coat doing it!

Nearly Gotcha!
As I'm the faster runner, I was ahead of Holly and I only just missed them!

Next time I'll get them good and proper!

It was then that we heard laughter coming from on top of the hill, it was Barney laughing at us. 'You're Just Not Fast Enough Girls!'

Not Fast Enough Girls!
Then he tried showing us how to leap up in the air from a standing start, a sort of 'Let The Force Be Under You!'

Look, Bend the Knees Like This!
Well we tried it but couldn't get the hang of it at all! So we said we gotta go 'cos we're off to see what the new baby taste like!

Barney said that if it tastes like the new baby he knows, it will be all smelly and making loads of noise!

We said we would let him know!

After lunch, off we went to see the new baby and Auntie Zoe. When we got there, loads of people were all cooing and cuddling the baby. We got shut in the kitchen with a chew and a bowl of water. Not exactly the best welcome we've had in the past!

We had some fun with Finley, he came and tried out our mobile day bed but decided it was too lumpy for him!

Sorry, it's just Not Me!
Of course, the baby got passed around the family for a cuddle, OTL was on hand for the photo's.

First Cuddle for TM!
Even Tom got to have a cuddle, but we weren't sure if he understood what he was supposed to do! Mind you, the football was on the TV and I think he was having trouble concentrating on both jobs!

Hey Cuz! It's a goal kick!
 So, we never got to taste the new baby, but I'm sure there is plenty of time yet, chicken, turkey or beef or fish, it's got to be one or the other!

We thought it funny when Finley said he was fed up with all the attention the baby was getting and decided to watch Peppa Pig on the iPad instead!

Peppa Pig is Bacon!
So far the baby has not been given a name, so we suggested they call it Daisy or Holly or Peppa!

It's getting late, so we are off to bed now.

See you tomorrow, about six when the F1 race starts!

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly