Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Weekend is Here!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Well, we woke up this morning looking for the sunshine and what did we see?

Grey clouds!

Still, it wasn't raining, so off we all went to The Beach! Just around the corner from the car park there is a bin for all the rubbish the Two Legs want to get rid of. Trouble is, a lot of them are too lazy to walk to the bin and they throw all their rubbish into the grass or leave it on the beach.

Mucky Two Legs!

No Rubbish but a couple of Sniffs that were interesting!
The ferrets got out for a wee and we chased around looking for rabbits! Then we continued on and Old Two Legs was showing off 'cos the sky wasn't 'Dramatic' enough for B&W and his new filter!

Dramatic? Nah, Boring Grey!
The ferrets got emptied out of their bag and onto the beach, poor thing had gone back to sleep in their nice warm bag!

OK, Very Funny, Now put us back!
We met up with The Lads, Max, Oscar and Byrn but while I was having a chat, Holly legged it down the Sea Wall to say hello to a big old Staffy that she fancies!

The ferrets soon got warmed up again and enjoyed a 'Ferret' through the long grass and before we realised it, we were back at the car and heading home!

Holly and I had our breakfast, Chicken & Biscuits, and then headed our to our favourite snoozing place, OTL's bed!

The ferrets did their 'Thing' and rampaged around the house getting into mischief and pinching the doggy biscuits in our 'Nibble Bowl'!

It wasn't too long before they also decided that a snooze would be a good idea!

I just Love Snoozing!
Holly and I were given a Rawhide Chew yesterday and it's great fun sitting under OTL's desk have a really good gnaw!

Life don't get much better!

Lunchtime came and for once OTL managed to get a bite to eat before we went out!

It was just as 'Undramatic' as this morning and even a Yellow Filter couldn't change it at all!

Still not dramatic enough!
 Well, that was until we heard a lot of shouting behind us and there, curling its way through the bushes was a load of smoke from a garden fire that was getting out of control!

Looking better!
Then it all went quiet as someone was playing about with a hose pipe!

Drama Over!

Down on the beach we started off by playing 'Chase' while OTL tried to make a rock pool look interesting, but he failed!

Holly and I ran up and down the beach at full speed!

I'm catching you!
 You know, we were going so fast that I'm sure I was flying at one time!

Coming in to land!
Then Holly and I started to dig a hole. I was better at digging and there came a time when I couldn't see the bottom!

The bottom has gone!
I disgraced myself, while OTL was on his knees in front of the rocks I went Zoooooom past him and ran through the mud.

That left me with muddy paws! OTL even called me Miss Mucky Paws!

I can see a paw bath coming up when we get home!
Back home for a snooze and plan what DVD we are going to watch tonight, maybe The Hobbit!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.