Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Back to Work, well, not for US!

Hi Woofers!

It's the Gang back, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!

It wasn't so sunny this morning, in fact there was a little rain in the air and some of it fell on Old Two Legs when we all went out for a walk! OTL is a crafty two legs, whenever he puts Snowflake down for a run, she turns around and heads in the opposite direction, confusing us all!

So, OTL, being a sneaky OTL, puts both Holly and me on our lead, then gets Snowflake out of her travelling cage, puts her on her lead and marches off past the Rabbit Hunting Ground right to the point where we normally turn around and head back to the car. By the time we get there, Snowflake has woken up, sniffed the air and decided that a run on the ground would be a 'Good Idea' !

Down she goes and as OTL says, she can run whatever direction she pleases! She does, normally back towards the car but does the normal route in reverse! She is one crazy ferret!

This morning, because of the rain, the grass was wet, so Snowflake got a bit 'Damp'!

OTL was a little concerned and didn't hang about for Holly and I when we got to the 'Rabbit & Rat' bush. So, off he went to get Snowflake rubbed down and back in the car, leaving us two to have a mooch around!

Which we did and I found a really Super Stinky Smelling Sniff that just cried out to be rolled in!

Holly, little Miss Goody Four Paws, said that I would be in trouble when OTL comes back but you know, I just didn't care!

So, absolutely covered in the S.S.S.S. I then set off hunting rabbit!

Holly had gone after OTL and was waiting for him when he came back to look for us. He asked where I was but Holly said she hadn't seen me for a while 'cos she reckons that if she denies all knowledge of me, then she won't get into trouble!

She is Such A Wimp!

You know, it took a good fifteen minutes before  OTL found me and I was 'Seriously Grubby'!

Back home we go, I ended up getting a wash from the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail and all parts inbetween!

Miss Goody Four Paws didn't escape either although she just got her paws, tummy and bottom washed!

That set us up for some freshly cooked chicken and then a snooze, just to let it all go down!

I ended up in the office with OTL while he finished messing about on the computer, mind you, I was keeping a close eye on him!

I Spy with My Little Eye!
Lunchtime was a gentle stroll again but he made sure we stayed away from the rabbits, spoilsport!

We met up with a few of the lads and Holly had a long chat while OTL and I waited for her to finish!

She is Still Gassing!
 Then after both OTL and I had almost fallen asleep waiting for Holly to finish, up she trots, all smiles and waggly tail and says, 'Been Waiting Long?'

Waiting for me?
On the way back to the car there were one or two funny noises that demanded my attention but in the end I decided that they were not dangerous and we could carry on with our walk!
Wotsat? Could be a Nargle!
Again, as we got near to the Rabbit Ground, we got put back on the lead! I'll be glad when he stops all this and begins to trust us again!

Snowflake has been sleeping for most of the afternoon, just coming out of her sleeping bag for a couple of slurps of Ferretone and a cuddle with OTL.

She's getting a big softy now and has even stopped nipping OTL, you know, I don't think he has any bite marks on his hand at all now!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake